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The Duke of Argyll (Scottish Gaelic: Diùc Earra-Ghàidheil) is a title, created by Letters Patent in the Peerage of Scotland June 23, 1701 and in the Peerage of the United Kingdom April 7, 1892. The Earls, Marquesses, and Dukes of Argyll were for centuries among the most powerful noble families in Scotland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. They played a major role in Scottish and British history throughout the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The Duke of Argyll is also the Chief of Clan Campbell, the Master of the Household of Scotland, and holds numerous other hereditary titles and offices.


Sir Colin Campbell of Lochow was knighted in 1280. In 1445 James II of Scotland raised Sir Colin's descendant Sir Duncan Campbell to the peerage to become Duncan Campbell of Lochow, Lord of Argyll, Knight, 1st Lord Campbell. Colin Campbell (c. 1433–1493) succeeded his grandfather as the 2nd Lord Campbell in 1453 and was created Earl of Argyll in 1457.

The 8th Earl of Argyll was created a marquess in 1641, when Charles I visited Scotland and attempted to quell the rising political crisis (and the fall-out from the event known as The Incident). With Oliver Cromwell's victory in England, the marquess became the effective ruler of Scotland. Upon the restoration, the marquess offered his services to King Charles II but was charged with treason and executed in 1661. His lands and titles were forfeited but in 1663, they were restored to his son, Archibald, who became the 9th Earl of Argyll. In 1685 the 9th Earl was executed for his part in the Monmouth rebellion.

On 21 June 1701 the 9th Earl's son was created Duke of Argyll, Marquess of Kintyre and Lorne, Earl of Campbell and Cowal, Viscount of Lochow and Glenyla, Lord Inveraray, Mull, Morvern, and Tiree for his services to William of Orange. His son, the 2nd Duke, was created Baron Chatham and Earl of Greenwich in 1705 as a reward for his support for the Act of Union and further elevated to the title Duke of Greenwich in 1719. Upon his death his Scottish titles passed to his brother and the English titles became extinct.

The 5th Duke sat as a member of parliament for Glasgow until his father's accession to the Dukedom in 1761 disqualified him from representing a Scottish seat. He then became the member for Dover until 1766, when he was created Baron Sundridge and obtained the right to sit in the House of Lords.

On 17 April 1892, the 8th Duke was created Duke of Argyll in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. Thus, the Duke is one of only five people to hold two different dukedoms, the others being the Duke of Cornwall and Rothesay, the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, and the Duke of Richmond, Lennox and Gordon.

Multiple Dukedoms

On April 17, 1892, the 8th Duke of Argyll (Scotland) was created the 1st Duke of Argyll in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. Thus, our Chief, His Grace, The Duke of Argyll is one of only five British peers to hold more than one Dukedom, the others being:

The Prince Charles, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales (E., 1301), the Duke of Cornwall (E., 1337) and the Duke of Rothesay (S., 1398);
The Duke of Hamilton (S., 1643) and the Duke of Brandon (G.B., 1711);
The Duke of Buccleuch (S. 1663) and the Duke of Queensberry (S., 1684)
The Duke of Richmond (E., 1675), Duke of Lennox (S., 1675) and the Duke of Gordon (U.K., 1876) (Who alone holds three British Dukedoms.)

Historically, several other peers have held multiple Dukedoms, including the Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne and Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, the Duke of Argyll and Duke of Greenwich, the Duke of Monmouth and Duke of Buccleuch and the two Dukes of Queensberry and Duke of Dover and some other mainly Royal Dukes.

In the Scottish Peerage, the Order of Precedence for Dukes is as follows:

The Duke of Rothesay (S., 1398): The Prince Charles, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales (E., 1301)
The Duke of Hamilton (S., 1644): The Chief of Clan Hamilton
The Duke of Buccleuch (S., 1663) and Queensberry (S., 1684): The Chief of Clan Scott
The Duke of Lennox (S., 1675): House of Stewart of Darnley (Not a Clan Chief)
The Duke of Argyll (S., 1701): The Chief of Clan Campbell
The Duke of Atholl (S., 1703): The Chief of Clan Murray
The Duke of Montrose (S., 1707): The Chief of Clan Graham
The Duke of Roxburghe (S., 1707): The Chief of Clan Kerr

The Duke of Argyll's full title is:

The most high, potent and noble prince his Grace Torquhil Ian Campbell, Duke of Argyll, Marquess of Kintyre and Lorne, Earl of Argyll, Campbell and Cowal, Viscount Lochawe and Glenyla, Lord Campbell, Lorne, Kintyre, Inveraray, Mull, Morvern and Tiree in the peerage of Scotland, Baron Sundbridge of Coombank and Baron Hamilton of Hameldon in the peerage of Great Britain, Duke of Argyll in the peerage of the United Kingdom, Baronet of Nova Scotia, Hereditary Master of the Royal Household in Scotland, Hereditary Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, Hereditary Keeper of the royal castles of Dunoon, Carrick, Dunstaffnage and Tarbert, Admiral of the Western Coasts and Isles, and Chief of the Honorable Clan Campbell, MacCailein Mór.

The Duke of Argyll's Titles and Hereditary Offices:

Lord Lieutenant of Argyll and Bute (Scotland) c. 1402

Chief of the Name and Arms of Campbell

Master of the Royal Household in Scotland

Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland

Admiral of the Western Coasts and Isles

Keeper of the Royal Castles of:

High Sheriff of Argyllshire

Member Queen's Body Guard for Scotland

Member Royal Company of Archers

Baron & Knight of Lochow (Scotland) c. 1445
Lord Campbell (Scotland) c. 1445
Earl of Argyll (Scotland) c. 1470
Lord of Lorne (Scotland) 17 April 1470
Lord of Kintyre (Scotland) 2 Feb. 1626
Baronet of Lundie the Order of Nova Scotia (Scotland) 13 Dec. 1627
DUKE of ARGYLL (Scotland) 23 June 1701
Marquess of Kintyre & Lorne (Scotland) 23 June 1701
Earl of Campbell and Cowal (Scotland) 23 June 1701
Viscount of Lochow & Glenyla (Scotland) 23 June 1701
Lord of the Inveraray, Mull, Morvern & Tiree (Scotland) 23 June 1701
Baron Sundridge, of Coomb Bank in the County of Kent (GB) 22 Dec. 1766
Baron Hamilton, of Hambleden in the County of Leicester (GB) 20 May 1776
DUKE of ARGYLL (United Kingdom) 7 April 1892


Courtesy Titles for the Heirs of the Duke of Argyll

A courtesy title is a form of address in systems of nobility used for children, former wives and other close relatives of a peer, as well as certain officials such as some judges and members of the Scottish gentry. These styles are used 'by courtesy' in the sense that the relatives, officials and others do not themselves hold substantive titles. There are several different kinds of courtesy titles in the British peerage.

The Duke of Argyll's Heir's Courtesy Title would be the Marquess of Lorne.

The Marquess of Lorne's Heir's Courtesy Title would be the Earl of Campbell.

The Earl of Campbell's Heir's Courtesy Title would be the Viscount Lochaw.

In order, from father, to son, to grandson, to great-grandson:

Duke of Argyll
Marquess of Lorne
Earl of Campbell
Viscount Lochaw

An interesting note: Only 12 of the 828 hereditary peerages of England, Scotland, Great Britain, Ireland and the United Kingdom are so ennobled as to have three generations of courtesy titles.

Title Holders

Archibald Campbell, 10th Earl of Argyll, created 1st Duke of Argyll in 1701, PC

1st son of Archibald [Campbell], 9th Earl of Argyll, by his first wife Lady Mary Stuart, 1st dau. of James [Stuart], 4th Earl of Moray

Born: 25 July 1658

Married: 12 Mar 1677/78 Lady Elizabeth Tollemache (bapt. 10 Jul 1659; d. 9 May 1735), 1st dau. of Sir Lionel Tollemache, 3rd Bt., of Helmingham, co. Suffolk, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Murray, suo jure Countess of Dysart, 1st dau. and cohrss. of William [Murray], 1st Earl of Dysart


1. Lord John Campbell, later 2nd Duke of Argyll

2. Lord Archibald Campbell, later 1st Earl of Ilay later 3rd Duke of Argyll

1. Lady Anne Campbell (d. 20 Oct 1736), married: (1) c. 19 Feb 1711 James [Stuart], 2nd Earl of Bute, and (2) 19 Sep 1731 Alexander Fraser, 7th of Strichen, a Lord of Session under the style Lord Strichen (b. 1699; d. 15 Feb 1775), and had issue by both husbands

2. Lady ..... Campbell (First name not known)

Died: 25 Sept 1703

Created: 23 Jun 1701 Lord of Inverary, Mull, Moreen and Tirie, Viscount Lochaw and Glenyla, Earl of Campbell and Cowall, Marquess of Kintyre and Lorne, and Duke of Argyll, to him and his heirs male whatsoever

Succeeded by: son

Note: acknowledged 1689 as 10th Earl of Argyll by the Convention of Estates in Scotland; Privy Councillor 1689; attainder of his father rescinded 1689; an Extraordinary Lord of Session 1694-1703; a Lord of the Scottish Treasury 1696-1703


John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll (S), and 1st Duke of Greenwich (GB), KG PC

Born: 10 Oct 1680

Married: (1)

after 30 Dec 1701 Mary Duncombe (dsp. 16 Jan 1716/17), dau. of Thomas Browne later Duncombe, by his wife Ursula Duncombe, sister of Sir Charles Duncombe, Lord Mayor of London 1708-09, and only dau. of Alexander Duncombe, of Drayton, co. Buckingham

Married: (2)

6 Jun 1717 Jane Warburton, a Maid of Honour to Queen Anne (b. c. 1680; d. 16 Apr 1764), dau. of Thomas Warburton, of Winnington, co. Chester, by his wife Anne Williams, dau. and cohrss. of Sir Robert Williams, Bt., of Penrhyn

Children by second wife:

1. Lady Caroline Campbell, Ranger of Greenwich Park, created: 19 Aug 1767 Baroness Greenwich, of Greenwich in the County of Kent, with remainder to her male issue by her second husband (b. 17 Nov 1717;  d. 11 Jan 1794), married: (1) 2 Oct 1742 Lord Francis Scott, styled Earl of Dalkeith (dvp. 1 Apr 1750), 1st son of Francis [Scott], 2nd Duke of Buccleuch, by his first wife and cousin Lady Jane Douglas, 2nd dau. of James [Douglas], 2nd Duke of Queensberry, and (2) 18 Sep 1755 Rt Hon Charles Townshend MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer (b. c. 1725; d. 4 Sep 1767), 2nd son of Charles [Townshend], 3rd Viscount Townshend, by his wife Audrey Harrison, only dau. and hrss. of Edward Harrison, of Ball's Park, co. Hertford, and had issue by both husbands

2. Lady Anne Campbell (b. c. 1720; dsp. 7 Feb 1785), married: 28 Apr 1741 William [Wentworth], 2nd Earl of Strafford

3. Lady Jane Campbell (b. 1723; dvp. 26 Jan 1735)

4. Lady Elizabeth Campbell (b. c. 1722; dsps. 16 Jul 1799), married: 16 Feb 1749 her cousin Rt Hon James Stuart later Stuart-Mackenzie of Rosehaugh MP, Lord Privy Seal of Scotland (dsps. Dec 1749), 2nd son of James [Stuart], 2nd Earl of Bute, by his wife Lady Anne Campbell, 1st dau. of Archibald [Campbell], 1st Duke of Argyll, and had issue

5. Lady Mary Campbell (b. 6 Feb 1726/7; dsp. 30 Sep 1811), married: 1 Apr 1747 Hon Edward Coke MP, styled Viscount Coke (b. 2 Feb 1718/9; dvp. and sp. 31 Aug 1753), only son and hr. ap. of Thomas [Coke], 1st Earl of Leicester

Died: 4 Oct 1743

Created: 26 Nov 1705 Baron Chatham and Earl of Greenwich (Peerage of England)
               27 Apr 1719 Duke of Greenwich (Peerage of Great Britain)

Succeeded by: brother

Note: Knight of the Thistle 1703/4; an Extraordinary Lord of Session 1704/5-43; High Commissioner of the Scottish Parliament 1705; a strong proponent of the Union with England; Col of the 4th Troop of Horse Guards 1703-15, of the 3rd Regiment of Foot 1707-11, of the Royal Horse Guards 1715-16, 1733-40 and 1742, and of the 3rd Troop of the Horse Guards 1726-33; Brig General 1704, Maj General 1706, Lieut General 1709, General 1711 and Field Marshal 1735/6; Privy Councillor 1708/9; Knight of the Garter 1709/10 when he resigned the Thistle; Governor of Minorca 1712-14 and 1714-16; Governor of Edinburgh Castle 1712-14; a Lord Justice of the Realm 1714; won the Battle of Sheriffmuir 1715; Lord Lieutenant of Surrey 1715-16 and of Argyll and Dunbarton 1715-43; Lord Steward of the Household 1718/9-25; Master General of the Ordnance 1725-30 and 1742; Governor of Plymouth 1730-37 on his death the peerages of Baron Chatham, Earl of Greenwich and Duke of Greenwich became extinct


Archibald Campbell, 1st Earl of Ilay, later 3rd Duke of Argyll

Born: Jun 1682

Married: 19 Jan 1712/13 Anne Whitfield (dsp. 1 Sep 1723), dau. of Major Walter Whitfield MP, Paymaster of Marines

Died: s.p.legit. 15 Apr 1761

Created: 19 Oct 1706 Lord Oransay, Dunoon, and Arase, Viscount of Ilay and Earl of Ilay

Succeeded by: cousin

Note: Governor of Dumbarton Castle; a Lord of the Scottish Treasury 1705-06; a Commissioner of the Treaty of Union with Scotland; a Representative Peer for Scotland 1707-13 and 1715-61; an Extraordinary Lord of Session 1708-61; Lord Justice General of Scotland 1710-61; Lord Clerk Register 1714-16; Lord Lieutenant of Midlothian 1715-61 and Haddington 1737-61; Lord Privy Seal for Scotland 1721-33; Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland 1733-61; on his death the 1706 peerages became extinct


John Campbell, 4th Duke of Argyll, KT PC

1st son and heir of Hon John Campbell of Mamore (by his wife Hon Elizabeth Elphinstone, 1st dau of John [Elphinstone], 8th Lord Elphinstone), 2nd son by his first wife of Archibald [Campbell], 9th Earl of Argyll

Born: c.1693

Married: 1720 Hon Mary Bellenden, Keeper of the Palace of Somerset House (d. 18 Dec 1736), 2nd dau. of John [Kerr later Bellenden], 2nd Lord Bellenden of Broughton, by his wife Lady Mary Moore, 2nd dau. of Henry [Moore], 1st Earl of Drogheda


1. Archibald Campbell (b. c.1722; d. young)

2. Lord John Campbell, later 1st Baron Sundridge later 5th Duke of Argyll

3. Henry Campbell (d. unm. 2 Jul 1747)

4. Lord Frederick Campbell, Member of Parliament for Ayr and Glasgow Burghs 1761-68, for Glasgow Burghs 1768-80 and for Argyllshire 1780-96, Lord Clerk Register (b. 1729; d. 8 Jun 1816), married: 28 Mar 1769 Mary Shirley (former wife of Laurence [Shirley], 4th Earl Ferrers; d. 24 Jul 1807), sister of Sir William Meredith, 3rd Bt., of Henbury, co. Cheshire, and dau. of Amos Meredith, by Joanna Cholmondeley, dau. of Thomas Cholmondeley, and had issue

5. Capt Lord William Campbell RN, Member of Parliament for Argyllshire 1764, Governor of South Carolina 1773 (d. 4 Sep 1778), married: 17 Apr 1763 Sarah Izard (d. 4 Sep 1784), dau. of Ralph Izard, of Charleston, South Carolina, USA, and had issue

1. Lady Caroline Campbell (b. 12 Jan 1721; d. 17 Jan 1803), married: (1) 18 Jan 1739 as his third wife Charles [Bruce], 4th Earl of Elgin, and (2) 19 Dec 1747 Field Marshal Rt Hon Henry Seymour-Conway, brother of Francis [Seymour-Conway], 1st Marquess of Hertford, and 2nd son by his third wife of Francis [Seymour later Seymour-Conway], 1st Baron Conway, and has issue by both husbands

Died: 9 Nov 1770

Succeeded by: son

Note: Lt Col 1712, Col of the 29th Foot 1737-38, of the 21st Foot 1738-52 and of the North British Dragoons 1752-70; Member of Parliament (Whig) for Bute 1713-15, for Elgin Burghs 1715-22 and 1725-27, and for Dunbartonshire 1727-61; Groom of the Bedchamber 1727-60; Brig General 1743, Maj General 1744, Lieut General 1747 and General 1765; Governor of Limerick 1761-70; Representative Peer for Scotland 1761-70; Privy Councillor 1762; Knight of the Thistle 1765


John Campbell, 1st Baron Sundridge, later 5th Duke of Argyll

Born: Jun 1723

Married: 3 Mar 1759 Elizabeth Hamilton, Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Charlotte 1761-84 (bapt. 7 Dec 1733; created: 20 May 1776 Baroness Hamilton, of Hambleden in the County of Leicester, with remainder to the heirs male of her body;  widow of James [Hamilton], 6th Duke of Hamilton;  d. 20 Dec 1790), 2nd dau. of John Gunning, of Castle Coote, co. Roscommon, by his wife Hon Bridget Bourke, dau. by his first wife of Theobald [Bourke], 6th Viscount Mayo


1. Lord George John Campbell, styled Earl of Campbell (b. 17 Feb 1763; dvp. 12 Jul 1764)

2. Lord George William Campbell, later 3rd Baron Hamilton later 6th Duke of Argyll

3. Lord John Douglas Edward Henry Campbell, later 7th Duke of Argyll

1. Lady Augusta Campbell (b. 31 Mar 1760; d. 22 Jun 1831), married: Col Henry Clavering, 2nd son of Sir John Clavering KB, by his wife Lady Diana West, dau. of Earl De La Warr, and had issue

2. Lady Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell, a Lady in Waiting to Queen Caroline when Princess of Wales (b. 28 Jan 1775; d. 31 Mar 1861), married: (1) 21 Jun 1796 her fourth cousin Col John Campbell MP, 4th of Islay (b. c. 1770; dvp. 15 Mar 1809), 1st son and heir ap. of Walter Campbell, 3rd of Shawfield and Islay and 9th of Skipness, by his first wife Eleanora Ker, dau. of Robert Kerr of Newfield (by his wife Eleanora Nugent), son of Lord Charles Kerr of Cramond (by his wife Janet Murray, 1st dau. of Sir David Murray of Stanhope, 2nd Bt., by his first wife Lady Anne Bruce, 2nd dau. of Alexander [Bruce], 2nd Earl of Kincardine), 2nd son of Robert [Kerr], 1st Marquess of Lothian, by his wife  Lady Jane Campbell, 2nd dau. of Archibald [Campbell], 1st Marquess of Argyll, and (2) 17 Mar 1818 Rev Edward John Bury (d. 1832), and had issue by her first husband

Died: 24 May 1806

Created: v.p. 22 Dec 1766 Baron Sundridge, of Coomb Bank in the County of Kent, with remainder to his brothers, Frederick and William

Succeeded by: son

Note: Member of Parliament (Whig) for Glasgow Burghs 1744-61 and for Dover 1765-66; Lt Col 1745, Maj General 1759, Lieut General 1765, General 1778 and Field Marshal 1796; Provost of Dunbarton 1754; Aide-de-Camp to the King 1755-59; Col of the 56th Foot 1755-57, of the 14th Dragoons 1757-65, of the 1st Foot 1765-82 and of the 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards 1782-1806; Commander in Chief of Scotland 1767-78; Lord Lieutenant of Argyll 1794-1800


George William Campbell, 3rd Baron Hamilton, later 6th Duke of Argyll, GCH PC

Born: 22 Sep 1766

Married: 29 Nov 1810 Lady Caroline Elizabeth Paget (former wife of Henry William [Paget], 1st Marquess of Anglesey;  d. 16 Jun 1835), 3rd dau. of George Bussey [Villiers], 4th Earl of Jersey, by his wife Frances Twisden, only dau. and hrss. of Rt Rev Philip Twisden DD, Bishop of Raphoe

Died: s.p. 22 Oct 1839

Succeeded by: brother

Note: Member of Parliament (Whig) for St Germans 1790-96; suc. his half-brother Douglas [Hamilton], 8th Duke of Hamilton 2 Aug 1799 as 3rd Baron Hamilton; Lord Lieutenant of Argyll 1800-39; Grandmaster of Scottish Freemasons 1822-24; Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland 1827-28 and 1830-39; Lord Steward of the Household 1833-34 and 1835-39; Privy Councillor 1833; GCH 1833


John Douglas Edward Henry Campbell, 7th Duke of Argyll

Born: 21 Dec 1777

Married: (1) 3 Aug 1802 Elizabeth Campbell (dsp. 9 Aug 1818), 1st dau. of William Campbell of Fairfield, co. Ayr, by his first wife Sarah Cunningham, of Cambridge, New England, USA. They were divorced six years later without issue.

Married: (2) 17 Apr 1820 Joan Glassel (d. 22 Jan 1828), only dau. and hrss. of John Glassel, of Long Niddry, East Lothian, by his wife Helen Buchan, dau. of John Buchan of Letham

Children by second wife:

1. John Henry Campbell (b. 11 Jan 1821;  dvp. 27 May 1837)

2. Lord George Douglas Campbell, later 8th Duke of Argyll

1. Lady Emma Augusta Campbell (b. 12 Mar 1825; d. 30 May 1893), married: 26 Aug 1870 as his third wife Rt Hon Sir John McNeill of Colonsay GCB (d. 17 May 1883)

2. Elizabeth Campbell (b. 8 Jan 1828; dvp. 19 Feb 1828)

Married: (3) 8 Jan 1831 Anne Colquhoun Monteath (b. 1801; widow of Dr George Cunningham Monteath, of Glasgow; dsp. 25 Feb 1874), 1st dau. of John Cuninghame of Craigends, by his wife Margaret Cuninghame-Fairlie, 1st dau. of Sir William Cuninghame-Fairlie of Robertland, 6th Bt.

Died: 25 Apr 1847

Succeeded by: son by second wife

Note: Member of Parliament (Whig) for Argyll 1799-1822; Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland 1841-46


George Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll (S), and 1st Duke of Argyll (UK), KG KT PC

Born: 30 Apr 1823

Married: (1) 31 Jul 1844 Lady Elizabeth Georgiana Sutherland-Leveson-Gower VA CI, Mistress of the Robes to the Queen 1868-70 (b. 30 May 1824; d. 25 May 1878), 1st dau. of George Granville [Sutherland-Leveson-Gower], 2nd Duke of Sutherland, by his wife Lady Harriet Elizabeth Georgiana Howard, 3rd dau. of George [Howard], 6th Earl of Carlisle

Children by first wife:

1. Lord John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell, later 9th Duke of Argyll

2. Capt Lord Archibald Campbell (b. 18 Dec 1846;  d. 29 Mar 1913), married: 12 Jan 1869 Janey Sevilla Callander (d. 15 Jul 1923), 3rd dau. of James Henry Callander of Craigforth and Ardkinglas, and had issue:

      1a. Niall Diarmid Campbell, later 10th Duke of Argyll

      2a. Lady Elspeth Angela Campbell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Duke by Royal Warrant 22 Aug 1914 (b. 2 Nov 1873; d. 28 Oct 1942)

3. Lord Walter Campbell (b. 30 Jul 1848; d. 2 May 1889), married: 14 Apr 1874 Olivia Rowlandson Milns (married: (2) 14 Jun 1890 Allan Gordon;  d. 17 Aug 1892), only dau. of John Clarkson Milns, of Asory House, Bute, and had issue:

     1a. Douglas Walter Campbell (b. 6 Mar 1877;  d. 5 Jan 1926), married: (1) 28 Nov 1899 Aimee Marie Suzanne Lawrence (d. 9 Feb 1920), dau. of John Lawrence, of New York, USA, and (2) 17 Jun 1920 Lilian Elizabeth Lutley Morgan (widow of Harington Morgan, of Khartoum;  d. 8 Apr 1957), and only dau. of Philip Lutley Sclater, of Odiham Priory, Hampshire, and had issue by his first wife:

     1b. Ian Douglas Campbell, later 11th Duke of Argyll

     1b. Lilah Olive Campbell (b. 10 Oct 1875;  d. 6 Jul 1960)

4. Lt Lord George Granville Campbell RN (b. 25 Dec 1850;  d. 21 Apr 1915), married: 8 May 1879 Sybil Lascelles Alexander (d. 1 May 1947), only child of James Bruce Alexander, and had issue

5. Lord Colin Campbell MP (b. 9 Mar 1853;  dsp. 19 Jun 1895), married: 21 Jul 1881 (div. 1884) Gertrude Elizabeth Blood (dsp. 2 Nov 1911), 2nd dau. of Edmund Maghlin Blood, of Brickhill, co. Clare

1. Lady Edith Campbell (b. 7 Nov 1849;  d. 6 Jul 1913), married: 23 Dec 1868 Henry George [Percy], 7th Duke of Northumberland, and had issue

2. Lady Elizabeth Campbell (b. 14 Feb 1852; d. 24 Sep 1896), married: 17 Jul 1880 Lt Col Edward Harrison Clough-Taylor, of Firby Hall, co. York (d. 1 Apr 1921), son of Edward Clough-Taylor, of Kirkham Abbey, co. York, and had issue

3. Lady Victoria Campbell (b. 22 May 1854;  d. 6 Jul 1910)

4. Lady Evelyn Campbell (b. 17 Aug 1855;  dsp. 22 Mar 1940), married: 10 Aug 1886 James Baillie-Hamilton (dsp. 28 May 1921), 4th son of Adm William Alexander Baillie-Hamilton, by his wife Lady Harriet Hamilton, only dau. of Lord James Hamilton, styled Viscount Hamilton

5. Lady Frances Campbell (b. 22 Feb 1858;  d. 25 Feb 1931), married: 12 May 1879 Eustace James Anthony Balfour (d. 14 Feb 1911), 5th son of James Maitland Balfour, of Whittinghame, East Lothian, by his wife Lady Blanche Mary Harriet Gascoyne-Cecil, 2nd dau. by his first wife of James Brownlow William [Cecil later Gascoyne-Cecil], 2nd Marquess of Salisbury, and had issue

6. Lady Mary Emma Campbell (b. 22 Sep 1859;  d. 22 Mar 1947), married: 4 Jul 1882 Rt Rev Hon Edward Carr Glyn DD, Bishop of Peterborough (b. 21 Nov 1843; d. 14 Nov 1926), 8th son of George Carr [Glyn], 1st Baron Wolverton, by his wife Marianne Grenfell, dau. of Pascoe Grenfell MP, of Taplow House, co. Buckingham, and had issue

7. Lady Constance Harriet Campbell (b. 11 Nov 1864;  d. 9 Feb 1922), married: 27 Jun 1891 Charles Emmot, of North Bailey, Durham (d. 18 Feb 1910), son of Thomas Emmott, of Brookfield, Oldham, co. Lancaster, and had issue

Married: (2) 13 Aug 1881 Amelia Maria Anson (b. c. 1844; widow of Col Hon Archibald Henry Augustus Anson, 3rd son of Thomas William [Anson], 1st Earl of Lichfield;  d. 4 Jan 1894), sister of Sir Gilbert Henry Claughton, 1st Bt., and 1st dau. of Rt Rev Thomas Legh Claughton DD, Bishop of St Albans, by his wife Hon Julia Susanna Ward, 1st dau. of William Humble [Ward], 10th Baron Ward

Married: (3) 30 Jul 1895 Ina Erskine McNeill VA, Extra Lady of the Bedchamber and Private Secretary to Queen Victoria (d. 24 Dec 1925), 2nd dau. of Archibald McNeill of Colonsay, by his wife Christina Mitchell, dau. of Col St Leger Mitchell

Died: 24 Apr 1900

Created: 7 Apr 1892 Duke of Argyll (Peerage of the United Kingdom)

Succeeded by: son by first wife

Note: Chancellor of the University of St Andrews 1851-1900; Lord Privy Seal 1852-55, 1859-66 and 1880-81;  Privy Councillor 1853; Rector of the University of Glasgow 1854-56; Postmaster General 1855-58; Knight of the Thistle 1856; Elder Brother of the Trinity House 1862-1900; Lord Lieutenant of Argyll 1862-1900; Secretary of State for India 1868-74; Knight of the Garter 1883


John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll (S), and 2nd Duke of Argyll (UK), KG KT GCMG GCVO PC

Born: 6 Aug 1845

Married: 21 Mar 1871 HRH Princess Louise Caroline Alberta VA CI GCVO GBE DGStJ (b. 18 Mar 1848; dsp. 3 Dec 1939), 4th dau. of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, by her husband HRH Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Died: s.p. 2 May 1914

Succeeded by: nephew

Note: Member of Parliament (Liberal) for Argyllshire 1868-78 and for Manchester South (Liberal Unionist) 1895-1900; Knight of the Thistle 1871; Privy Councillor 1875; GCMG 1878; Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada 1878-83; Governor and Constable of Windsor Castle 1892-1914; Lord Lieutenant of Argyll 1900-14; GCVO 1901; Knight of the Garter 1911


Niall Diarmid Campbell, 10th Duke of Argyll (S), and 3rd Duke of Argyll (UK)

Born: 16 Feb 1872

Married: Never Married. No issue.

Died: 20 Aug 1949

Succeeded by: cousin once removed


Ian Douglas Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll (S), and 4th Duke of Argyll (UK)

Born: 18 Jun 1903

Married: (1) 12 Dec 1927 (div 1934) Hon Janet Gladys Aitken (married: (2) 5 Mar 1935 Hon William Drogo Sturges Montagu, 2nd son by his first wife of George Charles [Montagu], 9th Earl of Sandwich;  married: (3) 11 Jul 1942 Maj Thomas Edward Dealtry Kidd MBE;  d. 1988), only dau. of William Maxwell [Aitken], 1st Baron Beaverbrook, by his wife Gladys Henderson Drury, 2nd dau. of Maj Gen Charles William Drury CB, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Only child by first wife:

1. Lady Jeanne Louise Campbell (b. 10 Dec 1928; d. 2007), married: (1) 1962 (div. 1963) as his third wife Norman Mailer, the American novelist (b. 31 Jan 1923; d. 10 Nov 2007), son of Isaac Barnett Mailer, and (2) 2 Mar 1964 John Sergeant Cram, of Hopewell House, Irish Town, Jamaica, son of Henry Sergeant Cram, of Foot Point Plantation, Bluffton, USA, and had issue by both husbands

Married: (2) 23 Nov 1935 (div 1951) Louise Hollingsworth Morris Vanneck (former wife of Hon Andrew Nicholas Armstrong Vanneck MC;  d. 10 Feb 1970), only dau. of Henry Clews, of Chateau La Napoule, Alpes Maritime, France

Children by second wife:

1. Lord Ian Campbell, later 12th Duke of Argyll

2. Lord Colin Ivar Campbell (b. 14 May 1946), married: 23 Mar 1974 (div. 1975) Georgia Ariana Ziadie, dau. of Michael Ziadie, of Jamaica

Married: (3) 22 Mar 1951 (div 1963) Margaret Sweeny (former wife of Charles Sweeny;  d. 1993), only dau. of George Hay Whigham, of London

Married: (4) 15 Jun 1963 Mathilda Coster Heller (former wife of Prof Clemens Heller, of Paris;  d. 6 Jun 1997), dau. of Stanley Mortimer, of Lichfield, Connecticut

Only child by fourth wife:

2. Lady Elspeth Campbell (b. 29 Apr 1967;  d. 4 May 1967)

Died: 7 Apr 1973

Succeeded by: son by second wife


Ian Campbell, 12th Duke of Argyll(S), and 5th Duke of Argyll (UK)

Born: 28 Aug 1937

Married: 4 Jul 1964 Iona Mary Colquhoun, only dau. of Capt Sir Ivar Iain Colquhoun of Luss, 8th Bt., by his wife Kathleen Duncan, 2nd dau. of Walter Atholl Duncan, of Cadogan Square, London


1. Lord Torquhil Ian Campbell, later 13th Duke of Argyll

1. Lady Louise Iona Campbell (b. 26 Oct 1972), married: 18 Apr 1998 Anthony Merrik Burrell (b. 10 Jan 1969), 2nd son of Mark William Burrell, of Bakers House, Bakers Lane, Shipley, Horsham, co. Sussex (by his wife Margot Rosemary Munro, former wife of Mackenzie Munro and 2nd dau. of Westray Pearce, of Killara, New South Wales, Australia), 2nd son of Sir Walter Raymond Burrell, 8th Bt. CBE DL, by his wife Hon Anne Judith Denman OBE, only dau. of Thomas [Denman], 3rd Baron Denman, and has issue

Died: 23 Apr 2001

Succeeded by: son


Torquhil Ian Campbell, 13th Duke of Argyll (S), and 6th Duke of Argyll (UK)

Born: 29 May 1968

Married: 8 Jun 2002 Eleanor Cadbury (b. 26 Jan 1973), only dau. of Peter Hugh George Cadbury, of Fairford, co. Gloucester, by his wife Sally Strouvelle, dau. of Peter Frederick Strouvelle, of Cape Town, South Africa


1. Lord Archie Frederick Campbell, styled Marquess of Kintyre and Lorne (b. 9 Mar 2004)

2. Lord Rory James Campbell (b. 3 Feb 2006)

1. Lady Charlotte Mary Campbell (b. 29 Oct 2008)

Note: the 13th Duke of Argyll has not proven his succession to the Baronetcy of Campbell of Lundie



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