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About the Clan Campbell Education Foundation


The Clan Campbell Education Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt charitable and educational Foundation founded by and closely aligned to the Clan Campbell Society (North America). The purpose of the CCEF is to educate the public regarding the Clan Campbell, Scots and Scotland, and to increase the understanding of the American public of the Scots and Scottish heritage. In particular, we promote the study, promotion, and perpetuation of Scottish culture, including history, music, dance, art, athletics, language, and cuisine and to carry on and conduct charitable and educational programs.

The Clan Campbell Education Foundation was established in 1992 as a California corporation and has received 501(c)(3) approval as a tax-exempt charitable corporation from the Internal Revenue Service and from the tax authorities in California. The Clan Campbell Education Foundation was formed by members of the CCSNA Board of Directors to provide a vehicle to accomplish the purposes set forth above. The Members of the Board of Directors include the officers of the CCEF, officers and trustees of the CCSNA, the CCSNA Journal Editor, and the Society Genealogist. No salary or wages are paid to any member of the Foundation.

The Clan Campbell Education Foundation has undertaken numerous projects since its formation. Chief among them is the commissioning and publication of a three volume “A History of the Clan Campbell”. The History was written by the noted historian, author, lecturer, genealogist, raconteur and archivist Alastair Lorne Campbell of Airds, the former Chief Executive of Clan Campbell and the former Archivist at Inveraray Castle for 8 years. He was also Unicorn Pursuivant to the Lord Lyon, King of Arms in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The History starts at the earliest date for which there is written record relating to the Campbell ancestry, and concludes in the nineteenth century. The time periods covered in each volume is as follows:

       I. Spanning the years from the earliest times to 1513 and the death of the second Earl of Argyll at the Battle of Flodden Field;

      II. Covering the period from 1513 to 1685 and the death of the ninth Earl on the block in Edinburgh following Monmouth’s Rebellion;

     III. Taking the history of the Campbells from 1685 to the end of the Napoleonic era in about 1815. The third volume also chronicles the lives of all the Chiefs of Clan Campbell from 1815 to the present.

The second major project is a series of four video productions designed to open the door to the Clan Campbell and Campbell sept heritage. This digital video/disc series describes the origins and early evolution of Clan Campbell in Scotland. The introductory overview of the series is titled "Campbell Country" (in a two disk DVD format only) and includes a look at the earlier styles of life of Campbells from cottage to castle. This is followed by taking a closer look at the leading Campbell families and their ancient homes and lands and is in three parts (in VHS format only), titled "Growth of a Highland Clan - the Campbell Phenomenon" - Parts I, II and III. The VHS series is no longer available. 

The individuals who made the videos possible include Alastair Lorne Campbell of Airds, Diarmid A. Campbell, the former editor and Editor Emeritus of The Journal of the Clan Campbell Society (North America) (Diarmid has also produced documentary films in Hollywood); and Duncan Beaton, the Scottish Contributing Editor for The Journal of the Clan Campbell Society (North America) (Duncan is a local historian and genealogist in Argyll, Scotland). The producer of the video project is Dr. Frederick Walter Campbell. Diarmid wrote the scripts with contributions from Alastair and Duncan.

The CCEF also has an ongoing Scholarship Program. To date, we have provided thousands in scholarship grants to deserving students who have demonstrated their love of Scotland and of the Scottish heritage. In addition, the CCEF has donated funds to numerous worthy projects such as trophies for games, equipment for pipe bands, etc.

The children’s program includes a 24 page Campbell Coloring Book. The artwork was done by Betsy Campbell, wife of Past President David Campbell. Children are introduced to the Campbell Badge, the Gyronny and many other Campbell and Scottish picture to color and learn from. Another children’s book is called The Campbell Twins at the Highland Games. The Campbell twins, Catlin and Colin, attend their first Highland Games and learn about the history behind the Highland dances and athletics, the Saltire and Royal Banner of Scotland. They visit the Campbell tent and get information concerning the kilt, tartan, badge, shield, septs, and early legends and Campbell lore. In addition, they are introduced to the Duke of Argyll and see his home, Inveraray Castle in Argyll, Scotland. The book was written by Ruby G. Campbell, PhD. and Joe McD. Campbell and illustrated by Diarmid A. Campbell

The music and songs with close ties to the Clan Campbell are many. Here we have a collection of Campbell marches, reels, jigs, pibrochs (gaelic Pìobaireachd), strathspeys and ballads. This two CD set, Clan Campbell Connections was compiled and produced by David R. Campbell with the assistance of Alistair Lorne Campbell of Airds. David spent a year and a half on this project, traveling to Scotland to research the music archives, interview music historians and musicians, insure copyright provisions were met, line up talent and managing recording sessions. Some of the performers include Alex Beaton, the Battlefield Band, Oban Pipe Band, 1st Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Pipe Band, Harpists Allison Kinnard and Christine Primrose, Fiddle Player Aly Bain and many more.

All of this takes funding and you can help. Your contributions for the Foundation are most appreciated. 

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