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Adopt an Argyll Charter... and Save a Page of History

In the Argyll Papers at Inveraray Castle, Scotland we care for a unique series of medieval charters which provide invaluable evidence of the lives, lands and business of the Earls of Argyll.

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CCEF Adopt a Document, in conjunction with the Archives Library at Inveraray Castle, Inveraray, Scotland.

The Clan Campbell Education Association has joined with the Archives Library at Inveraray Castle in an effort to preserve and protect the existing Archives of the Clan Campbell dating back to the 1400’s, and in a few cases, earlier.  In this context, please see the Article which appeared in the Summer, 2021 issue of the CCSNA Journal, reproduced on this site, for an thorough overview of the content of the Archives, their place in Scottish History, and their importance to scholars and historians today.

The focus of the Adopt a Document program is to provide interested individuals with the opportunity to “adopt” a particular document in need of preservation and/or restoration.  By donating the designated amount, the Archives will be able to fund the preservation of that particular document in the name of the donor.  While the Catalog of documents includes the website of the Archives for making a contribution, that is really intended for residents of the UK.  Transferring funds to the UK is not always easy.  Also, obtaining a US tax deduction for a contribution to a non-US entity may not always b e available.  So, we strongly recommend that contributions be made to the Clan Campbell Education Foundation by sending a check to Treasurer Nancy Campbell, at 1128 Brians Way, Wayne, PA 19087-2244.  Please mark on the check in the memo field, the name and number of the document you are adopting.  Also, please advise Nancy of the donation by email to Nancy.  Nancy will acknowledge your donation and also advise the Archives Library that the particular document has been adopted.  We (and the Archives Library) will note the adoption on the website.  Funds will be transferred to the Library.

Thank you for your support and your part in preserving our history.

Thank you for your generous support! As of June 8, 2021 7:00 PM ET, all of the Charters in the first catalog have been adopted! Planning is underway for the next adoption catalog. Look for an announcement in the JOURNAL and in the monthly eNewsletter!

PDF Catalogue:    Adopt an Argyll Charter Catalogue - Friends of the Argyll Papers

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