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With your financial support of many of people, the foundation has made great strides in providing Campbell and Scottish educational materials to the members of the Society and to the public at large.  Completed projects include a three volume “A History of the Clan Campbell”, three VHS videos (Growth of a Highland Clan, Parts 1,2 &3), two DVD videos (Campbell Country), a children’s Campbell Coloring Book, a children’s book titled, “The Campbell Twins at the Highland Games”, and educational scholarships. 

These projects were completed through the generous donations of people like yourself and others who donated their time and resources to make them possible.  Projects in progress and on the drawing board include a Campbell Music CD, a volume on the Clan Campbell Cadet branches and Septs, a follow-up children’s book (tentatively named The Campbell Twins go to Scotland), a one volume history of the Clan Campbell geared to a high school level, an educational internet program and a larger Scholarship program.  We are also raising funds for the renovation of the Campbell Mausoleum at Kilmun.  All of the projects take donations to bring them to fruition

We now have a special request from our Chief, Mac Cailein Mòr, to assist in raising funds for the construction of a new library to house the Argyll Archives.  Alastair Lorne Campbell of Airds, author of the above three-volume A History of Clan Campbell describes the Archive’s collection as follows, “The Argyll Archives are thought to be the largest collection of records in private hands in Scotland.  The huge number of documents goes back to the early 1300s and shows clearly the system by which, over the centuries, the Campbell Chiefs built their power base.  The Campbells of Lochawe, later the Earls and Dukes of Argyll were one of the most powerful and, at times, most influential families in Scotland; and, the documents range far outside the confines of Argyll.  More recently the collection includes detailed records of the running of a major Highland Estate. Altogether, the collection can be described as of outstanding importance and truly unique.”  Please read the attached article on the Appeal and find out how you can help.

We believe that our stewardship of the funds donated will be viewed as a good investment in helping to keep our Scottish heritage alive.  As have stated above, there is still much to be done and you can help.  Please continue to support us and help us bring the above projects in progress to completion.

Yours Aye!

Nancy Campbell, Esq.
Clan Campbell Education Foundation
1128 Brians Way
Wayne, PA 19087-2244