Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll

Ian Douglas Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll (S), 4th Duke of Argyll (UK)

born: 18 Jun 1903

married: (1) 12 Dec 1927 (div 1934) Hon Janet Gladys Aitken (married: (2) 5 Mar 1935 Hon William Drogo Sturges Montagu, 2nd son by his first wife of George Charles [Montagu], 9th Earl of Sandwich;  married: (3) 11 Jul 1942 Maj Thomas Edward Dealtry Kidd MBE;  d. 1988), only dau. of William Maxwell [Aitken], 1st Baron Beaverbrook, by his wife Gladys Henderson Drury, 2nd dau. of Maj Gen Charles William Drury CB, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

only child by first wife:

1. Lady Jeanne Louise Campbell (b. 10 Dec 1928; d. 2007), married: (1) 1962 (div. 1963) as his third wife Norman Mailer, the American novelist (b. 31 Jan 1923; d. 10 Nov 2007), son of Isaac Barnett Mailer, and (2) 2 Mar 1964 John Sergeant Cram, of Hopewell House, Irish Town, Jamaica, son of Henry Sergeant Cram, of Foot Point Plantation, Bluffton, USA, and had issue by both husbands

married: (2) 23 Nov 1935 (div 1951) Louise Hollingsworth Morris Vanneck (former wife of Hon Andrew Nicholas Armstrong Vanneck MC;  d. 10 Feb 1970), only dau. of Henry Clews, of Chateau La Napoule, Alpes Maritime, France

children by second wife:

1. Lord Ian Campbell, later 12th Duke of Argyll

2. Lord Colin Ivar Campbell (b. 14 May 1946), married: 23 Mar 1974 (div. 1975) Georgia Ariana Ziadie, dau. of Michael Ziadie, of Jamaica

married: (3) 22 Mar 1951 (div 1963) Margaret Sweeny (former wife of Charles Sweeny;  d. 1993), only dau. of George Hay Whigham, of London

married: (4) 15 Jun 1963 Mathilda Coster Heller (former wife of Prof Clemens Heller, of Paris;  d. 6 Jun 1997), dau. of Stanley Mortimer, of Lichfield, Connecticut

only child by fourth wife:

2. Lady Elspeth Campbell (b. 29 Apr 1967;  d. 4 May 1967)

died: 7 Apr 1973

succeeded by: son by second wife