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1827 Lothian’s Counties of Scotland, maps Edinburgh: John Lothian, 41 St Andrew Square, 1827-1830. (Three Volume Set.)


Original Labels

1827 Lothian's - Alphabetical List of the County Maps Label

1827 Lothian's - By Volume List of the Maps in Lothian's Counties of Scotland Label

1827 Lothian's - Volume List of the Maps in Lothian's Counties of Scotland Label


Volume First

Ayr, Scotland (1 Feb 1830), Box-1-01

Berwick, Scotland (not dated), Box-1-02

Dumfries, Scotland (1 Feb 1830), Box-1-03

Haddington, Scotland (1 Feb 1830), Box-1-04

Kirkcudbright, Scotland (1 Feb 1830), Box-1-05

Lanark, Scotland (not dated), Box-1-06

Peebles, Scotland (not dated), Box-1-07

Roxburgh, Scotland (1 Feb 1830), Box-1-08

Selkirk , Scotland (1 Feb 1830), Box-1-09

Wigton, Scotland (1 Feb 1830), Box-1-10


Volume Second

Aberdeen & Banff, Scotland (1 Feb 1830), Box-2-01

Fife & Kinross, Scotland (1 Feb 1830), Box2-02

Forfar, Scotland (not dated), Box-2-03

Invernes, Scotland (March 1827), Box-2-04

Kincardine, Scotland (not dated), Box-2-05

Moray & Nairn, Scotland (March 1827), Box-2-06

Perth, Scotland (not dated), Box-2-07

Ross & Cromarty, Scotland (March 1827), Box-2-08

Sutherland, Scotland (not dated), Box-2-09


Volume Third

Argyll & Bute, Scotland (not dated), Box-3-01

Cathenes, Scotland (March 1828), Box-3-02

Dunbarton, Scotland (not dated), Box-3-03

Edinburgh, Scotland (1 Feb 1830), Box-3-04

Orkney Islands, Scotland (not dated), Box-3-05

Renfrew, Scotland (not dated), Box-3-06

Shetland Islands, Scotland (not dated), Box-3-07

Stirling & Clackmannan, Scotland (not dated), Box-3-08

Western Islands, Scotland (March 1827), Box-3-09



This collection of maps is owned by:

Donald Draper Campbell, Esq.

Greenwood Village, CO




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