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The following may be useful addresses for genealogical and historical research.

Jules Anderson, MSc, QG, FSA Scot
606 Ocracoke Drive
Wilmington, NC 28412-3001


Rampant Scotland   So you want to find out about Scotland and the Scots? There are over 13,000 direct links in this Rampant Scotland Index. A very comprehensive site.

Electric Scotland   The main purpose of the site is to help educate visitors on the history of Scotland, the Scots & Scots-Irish, as well as people and places of Scottish descent. This is a big site with a 150,000+ web pages. It is recommended to use the site's search engine to locate the information you are looking for. The site also has a series of short videos to introduce each of the main sections of the web site.

The Scottish American Society    The Homepage of the Scottish-American Community; a group of people interested in the culture and history of Scotland and her people.

USScots   Serving the North American Scottish Community and the people of Scots descent around the world.


 J. Higgins Ltd.   Established in 1983 in Lenexa, Kansas, J. Higgins has built an excellent reputation in the United States offering Kilts, Highland Dress and Bagpipe Supplies not only in the American market, but worldwide.

My Kilt Maker  Tailored Kilts in San Marcos, CA made with Scottish Tartan. We offer a Selection of Kilt Types and Styles for any pocket book and occasion.


ScotlandsPeople   The official government source of genealogical data for Scotland. One of the largest online sources of original genealogical information on the web. Almost 50 million records to access. Fees to access some areas.

GENUKI Scotland   The aim of GENUKI is to serve as a comprehensive "virtual reference library" of genealogical information that is of particular relevance to the UK & Ireland. It is organised so as to make it easy to find what information on what topics is available online related to given geographical localities (even down to parish level). It is a noncommercial service, provided by an ever-growing group of volunteers in cooperation with the Federation of Family History Societies and a number of its member societies. It is not just a "list of links" to information elsewhere but rather it also contains a large and ever-growing set of specially-produced information pages.

FamilySearch is a non-profit service sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Reported to be, "The largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world."

Genealogy Resources On The Internet   Another fine reference page by Chris Gaunt. Genealogy Listservers, Newsgroups & Special Homepages

Genealogy Societies   A listing of genealogy societies with their own web pages.

New England Historic Genealogical Society   The American Ancestors and New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) is the oldest genealogical society in the country. For over 150 years, NEHGS has helped new and experienced researchers trace their heritage in New England and around the world.

Scottish Roots   Scottish Roots Ancestral Research Service - Scotland's experts in finding your Scots ancestors since 1984. Free initial advice.

John Gerrath's Genealogy Link Page   This site provides a good list of Genealogical Links. One man's quest to find his roots. Well worth taking a look.

The Society of Genealogists  The SoG houses one of the largest genealogical libraries in the world. Its extensive collection of English/UK genealogical records is second to none.

Zarahemla Bookstore   Zarahemla Book Shoppe - Serving the World-Wide LDS Community with an extensive list of Genealogy related bookmarks and print books that everyone can use in their research.


The American College of Heraldry   The College's general goal is to identify and Register legitimate coats of arms being legitimately borne in America in order to leave a cultural and historical record of armory in this country for future historians, genealogists and scholars in various academic fields.

The House of Lords  The House of Lords is the senior of the two Houses of Parliament. The website contains information on administration of the House of Lords, details of Lords' debates, etc.

The College of Arms  The College of Arms is the workplace of the English Kings of Arms, Heralds and Pursuivants. Their heraldic and genealogical records go back many centuries.

The Court of the Lord Lyon  The Scottish equivalent of the College of Arms, the Lyon Court is a working court and is fully part of the Scottish legal system.

Canadian Heraldic Authority  One of the newer heraldic authorities, the CHA carries out in Canada functions very similar to those of the College of Arms and the Lyon Court.

The Heraldry Society  Founded in 1948 by the late John Brooke-Little, the Society continues to educate and inform through its bi-annual journal, "The Coat of Arms", and its quarterly newsletter, "The Heraldry Gazette".

Hereditary Peerage Association  The association is a discussion and lobbying group for members of the hereditary peerage.

The Heraldry Society of Scotland  The HSS holds meetings and discussion groups on Scottish armorial matters, and publishes a journal.

Royal Heraldry Society of Canada  The RHSC promotes interest in and study of heraldry and related subjects in the Dominion of Canada.

Scottish Armory and Heraldry: A General Overview by Donald Draper Campbell, Esq., OStJ, FSA Scot. This paper was written primarily to assist Americans who are interested in Scottish heraldry to better understand the philosophy behind the etiquette of Scottish heraldry, eligibility issues, and the grant/matriculation process.

The Standing Council of the Baronetage  Originally founded in 1898 and reconstituted in 1903, the Standing Council deals with all affairs concerning the Baronetage including publishing the Official Roll of the Baronetage.

The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs  The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs is the definitive and authoritative body for information on the Scottish Clan System. Within the site you will find information relating to the Standing Council, as well as links to other relevant resources, together with additional information on the Clan system. 


Gaelic and Gaelic Cultrue   Fàilte Romhaibh! This site is a Gaelic Homepage, a web site devoted to the language and culture of the Gaels, those people that speak or did speak any of the three Gaelic languages.

jtm's Gaelic Languages Info File


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