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Campbell Coloring Book


Clan Campbell Children's Coloring Book front cover Kids Page 1

The book has 20 drawings of Campbell and Scottish themed images including the clan badge, the Clan Campbell Society gyronny, Inveraray Castle, bagpipers, athletes and much, much more.  The artwork was done by Betsy Campbell, of Salt Lake City, UT.  Betsy is well known for her paintings and artwork, especially her watercolors.

Games Managers take note.  What better way to provide activities for the young ones who come by the tent than a coloring book that reinforces all that they have seen at the games.

Moms and Dads, the book can help you teach the young ones about their heritage while having a great time coloring.



The Campbell Twins at the Highland Games


Ruby G. Campbell, Ph.D. and Joe McD. Campbell

Illustrated by

Diarmid A. Campbell, Esq.



Join Caitlin and Colin, the Campbell twins, as they attend their first Highland Games.  Learn about the history behind the Highland dances and athletics, the Saltire and Royal Banner of Scotland.  Visit the Campbell tent and get information concerning the kilt, tartan, badge, shield, Septs, and early legends and Campbell lore.  Meet the Duke of Argyll and see his home, Inveraray Castle in Argyll, Scotland.

Written in a concise and easy to read style for children aged six to twelve, the book contains twenty-five full color illustrations.  This will be a wonderful memento of a child’s first Games, or an excellent gift to bring home to a child or grandchild.  Adults may enjoy reading it as well for additional background information.