Service Recognition Program

The Clan Campbell Society (North America) Service Recognition Program was initiated by the Clan Campbell Society Executive Council in 1978 as a means to recognize and reward significant member achievements relevant to the promotion of the Clan Campbell and the Clan Campbell Society (North America).

All organizations face difficult choices and must cope with change in order to grow, prosper and continue to deliver the services for which it was created. The Clan Campbell Society (North America) is a 501c(7) non-profit institution. The Clan Campbell Society was formed to discover, promote and share our Scottish and Clan Campbell history and traditions with our kinsmen and the general public. Additionally we strive to educate, inform and increase our membership so that we may encourage and inspire participation in, enhancement of, and most importantly, enjoyment of our common heritage for present and future generations.

As an all volunteer organization, it is an ongoing challenge to meet the demands of managing our active society, in a timely and responsive manner, with the level of service and quality that our members deserve, and to meet the standard of excellence which is the legacy left to us by the centuries of exemplary service to God, country, and kin, by our ancestors; our Chiefs, The Dukes of Argyll; the Earls and Lords of the Houses of the Clan Campbell; and their forefathers before them. This challenge is met by today's dedicated Campbells who invest their invaluable time and skills to discover their rich heritage and share it with their extended Clan Campbell family.

Unfortunately, the Clan Campbell Society (North America) can not grant lands, nor bestow titles of great power and wealth upon those whose loyalty and commitment serve our Clan and our Society with distinction.

We can however, acknowledge our kinsmen with these awards...


Service Recognition Program

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