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Argyll (pron. ar-GILE - it rhymes with mile) is the southwestern area of the Highlands. It is the place where Irish people, known as the Dalriadic Scots,  first went to Scotland. The name comes from the Gaelic, Oir Gael, which means Edge, or Borderland, of the Gael. Gaels are Celtic people, which includes the Irish, Welsh, Manx and Scots. Argyll, which used to be spelled Argyle, is the original home of Clan Campbell. Many other Highland clans lived in Argyll, too.







Argyll Scotland Place Names Map Kids PageLook carefully at the map, and you will see places important to members of Clan Campbell, other Highlanders and all of Scotland. The Island of Iona, just west of Mull, was where where the Book of Kells was created, and is the burial place of early Kings of Scots. The hill fort of Dunadd, between Mid Argyll and Knapdale, was the first capital of the Dalriadic Scots.

Many places in Argyll are part of Clan Campbell history. On Loch Awe, in Mid Argyll, are both Innis Chonnel, the first castle of the Campbells, and Kilchurn Castle, the first Castle of the Breadalbane Campbells. Southeast of Loch Awe is Loch Fyne, a salt water loch. Toward the northern end of Loch Fyne is the town of Inveraray, where the Clan Campbell Chief lives in Inveraray Castle.

Towering over all of Argyll is Cruachan Ben. Ben means "mountain" in the Gaelic, and Cruachan means, "the big stack.".  Cruachan is the war cry, or slogan, of Clan Campbell.

Can you find these places on the map?