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These videos are related to the history of Clan Campbell past and present. Clan Campbell is historically one of the largest and most powerful of the Scottish Highland clans, their lands spread from Argyll in the west to Dundee in the east, and from the lowlands in the south, north to Inverness. The chiefs of the Clan Campbell became the Earls and later Dukes of Argyll.

The Friends of the Argyll Papers was established to support the development of the family and estate archive of the Campbell family, dukes of Argyll, and to promote its use and enjoyment by a wide audience. The Argyll Papers have been described as one of the most important private archives in Britain (Professor Allan Macinnes, 2014). It is a rich resource for Scottish and British history from the thirteenth to the twenty-first centuries and attracts visitors from all over the world, researching a wide range of subjects including family and local history, Gaelic studies, place names, military history, political history, economic and social history, agriculture and industry, architecture and more.

Runtime - 3:46

The full length version of "The Friends of the Argyll Papers" video is available in the "Members Only" area on

The Duke of Argyll discusses The Friends of the Argyll Papers

TOP 5 Clan Castles | Clan Campbell

Outlandish Journeys - Join us on whirlwind tour through the Highlands as we break down our TOP 5 castles of Clan Campbell!

As many of us can't visit these locations in person, for the time being, or for those that will never have the chance to see Scotland in person, we wanted to share these videos with you all, so that you can still enjoy the country and its history in the comfort of your own sit back, relax and enjoy our virtual tours of Scotland!

This is an excellent 7 minute video with stunning video of some of the more famous of the castles of Clan Campbell.

Runtime: 7:00

Clans&Dynasties YouTube

"A brief history on the clan Campbell, I decided to start with arguably the most influential Clan in the history of Scotland, I will cover more Clans and Families so pleas enjoy this one for now."

Runtime - 13:04

Clans&Dynasties YouTube - Clan Campbell History

Scotland's Clans - Clan Campbell

Paul Murton is a Scottish television presenter and broadcaster, film-maker, and historian, working primarily on the BBC with an emphasis on travelogues in Scotland. Born in 1957 and raised in Ardentinny on the shores of Loch Long, Argyll, Scotland, where his parents ran a small hotel, Murton is best known for his series Scotland's Clans, Grand Tours of Scotland, Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands and Grand Tours of Scotland's Lochs. Murton is a graduate of the University of Aberdeen and the National Film and Television School. Before writing and presenting his Grand Tours series, he directed several TV dramas, including Bramwell, The Bill, Casualty and River City. In 2021 he wrote the biographical novel The Highlands, published by Birlinn. He is married with five children and lives in Scotland.

Runtime: 29:10

From American Home Treasures.

A DVD that contains general knowledge on some of the clans of Scotland. Highland, lowland and border clans are featured in this program.

While this video contains inaccuracies regarding the origins of the clan and the Chief, it does provide a good overview of Clan Campbell and the impact it had in British history. This is just part of an over hour long video on the clans. The Clan Campbell segment runs from 18:42 - 22:00.

Segment Runtime: 3:18

Scottish Clans (2001) DVD

History of Scottish clans: Every year (834-1707)

Oak Mapping - A very informative map video showing the locations of the various clans of Scotland.

Runtime: 6:14

3AWRadio - The Campbell clan.

Tour Guide Kenny White Interviewed at Inveraray Castle in 2014.

Runtime: 2:39

Robert Campbell - Mountain Man (1804 -1879)

Made by Northern Irish film-maker Michael Beattie. You can read the background to this film from the producer/director himself and watch some of his other films on Michael's website at:

This documentary film tells the story of Robert Campbell, a young Ulster-Scots immigrant who became an American pioneer. From frontiersman to multi-millionaire.

This is a rags-to-riches adventure story of a penniless Tyrone teenager who left Ulster in 1822 and ultimately became one of the wealthiest men in America. He would count among his friends and fellow travellers Kit Carson, Jedediah Smith, William Sublette, Hugh Glass & Ulysses S Grant.

Robert Campbell was one of the first Ulster-Scots pioneers to open up the American west.

He spent his first 10 years in the Rocky Mountain fur trade, a 'bold and dashing life' he called it, fighting native Americans, enduring the harshest of climates, suffering near starvation with he and his men forced to eat their horses and dogs. Leaving the mountains he became one of the leading citizens of St Louis with a business empire covering every aspect of commerce, property and river trade. In fact he gave Mark Twain his first job as a Missouri riverboat pilot.

Runtime: 59:01

Robert Campbell - Mountain Man (1804 -1879)

Scotland History Tours - What They Don't Say About the Massacre of Glencoe

Glencoe... one of the saddest, yet most beautiful paces in Scotland. The Massare that took place there is often misunderstood, so Scottish history tour guide, Bruce Fummey, takes you to the National Trust For Scotland Visitor centre to understand the history.

Runtime: 14:53



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