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List of Scottish Clans - Find your Clan

Listed below are over 300 Scottish clan societies, associations, and organizations. Many people visit the Clan Campbell Society website, or a highland games tent for the first time, and have no idea of their heritage. They may only have a "family oral tradition" that they are Scottish, but that's all they know. Finding out which clan tartan they can wear and which Scottish Clan or family they belong to can be very exciting and the first step of the journey of a lifetime.

As a public service to help those members of the Scottish diaspora who are interested in locating their kinsfolk, or joining a clan society, we offer this list of Scottish Clan Societies and Scottish Family Associations websites, and a few Facebook pages for those organizations without websites.

We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of information presented on any website other than our own. Yes, we are aware that there are some Scottish clans that are not listed here. Unfortunately we have been unable to find either an official website or society associated with them. If one is ever formed, please let us know and we will happily add them to this list. That being said, inclusion on this list is a courtesy, not a right. If you want to have your organization listed here or update your information, just ask. We do however reserve the right to not list any group or organization. If your organization would like to return the courtesy by adding a link to the Clan Campbell Society (North America) on your website, Thank You.

Over a 120 man hours have gone into the research, preparation, and ongoing maintenance of this list. Please give credit where credit is due and LINK don't plagiarize. Good luck with your search and we hope your experience with your Scottish heritage brings you as much joy as ours brings to us.  Thank You for stopping by! 

Ne Obliviscaris!




Clan Anderson Society

Arbuthnott Family Association

Armstrong Clan Society

Armstrong Clan Association

Clan Arthur Association (MacArthur)


Clan Baird Society Worldwide

Clan Balfour Society

Clan Barclay International

Clan Bell North America

Clan Blackstock Society

Clan Blair Society

Clan Borthwick Association FB

House of Boyd Society

House of Boyd Society FB

Clan Brodie of the Americas

Clan Brown/Broun Society

Family of Bruce International

Clan Buchan Association

Clan Buchanan Society International

Buchanan Society (Scotland)

House of Burnett

House of Burnett USA

House of Burnett (Worldwide Burnett Society)


Clan Cameron Association

Clan Cameron in Australia

Clan Cameron Association of New Zealand

Clan Cameron Association North America

Clan Cameron Association Scotland

Clan Campbell Society of Australia

Clan Campbell Society Germany

Clan Campbell Society (North America)

Clan Carmichael USA

Clan Cargill / Cargile Association

Carnegie Clan Society, International FB

Clan Carruthers Society - International

Clan Chattan Association

Clan Cheyne

International Clan Chisholm Society

Clan Cian

Clan Cochrane Society of North America

Clan Colquhoun International

Clan Colville Society

Clan Crawford Association

Clan Crichton

Clan Cunningham Global

Clan Cunningham International

Clan Currie Society FB

Clan Currie Society USA



Clan Davidson Society of North America

Doig Family Society

Clan Donald Society of Edinburgh

Clan Donald USA (MacDonald)

Clan Donald Canada

Clan Donald Heritage

Clan Donald Australia

Clan Donald Society of NSW, Australia

Clan Donald Society of Queensland

Clan Donald NZ

Clan Donald Society of Scotland

Clan Donnachaidh Society (Robertson)

Clan Donnachaidh Society, of the Mid-Atlantic

Clan Douglas Society of North America

Clan Drummond Society of North America

Clan Dunbar

Clan Duncan Society

House of Dunlop

Durie Family


Edmonstone Clan Society FB

Elliot Clan Society

Elliot Clan Society (Australia)

Elliot Clan Society USA

Clan Ewen Society, USA FB

Ewing Family Association


Clan Farquharson UK

Clan Ferguson Society of North America

Clan Forbes Society

Clan Forrester Society

Clan Forsyth Society of Australia

Clan Forsyth Society New Zealand

Clan Forsyth Society of Scotland

Clan Forsyth Society U.S.A.

Clan Fraser Society of Australia

Clan Fraser Society of Canada

Clan Fraser Society of North America

Clan Fraser Society of Scotland and the United Kingdom

Clan Fraser of Lovet Global

Clan Fraser of Lovet Association of Germany


Clan Galbraith Society

House of Gordon

House of Gordon USA

Clan Graham Society

Clan Graham of the West FB

American Clan Gregor Society

Clan Gregor Society

Clan Grant Canada FB

Clan Grant Society of the UK

Clan Grant Society - USA

Gray Clan

Clan Gunn Society

Clan Gunn Society of North America

Clan Guthrie USA


Clan Hall Society

Clan Hamilton Society

Clan Hannay Society

Clan Hay Society - Scotland

Clan Hay Society - USA

Clan Henderson Society

Clan Home Association

Clan Hope of Craighall Society

Clan Hunter Association, Canada

Clan Hunter Association, Scotland

Clan Hunter Association, USA


Innes Clan Society

Clan Irwin Association (Official)

Clan Irwin Association (Non-Profit)

Clan Irwin Association


Jardine Clan Society, USA

Clan Johnston/e in America

Clan Johnston/e Association of Australia

Clan Johnston/e Association of New Zealand



Clan Keith Society USA

Clan Kennedy Society of North America

Kerr Family Association of North America

Clan Kerr of the Unites States and North America

Clan Kincaid Association International

Clan Kinnaird USA & Canada

Kyle Family Society


Clan Lachlan Association of Canada

Clan Laing Society

Clan Lamont Society UK

Clan Lamont Society of North America

Clan Leask USA

Clan Lennox

Clan Leslie Society International

Clan Lindsay Association USA

Clan Lindsay Society

Clan Little Society

American Clan Lockhart Society

Clan Lockhart Society

Clan Logan Society International

House of Lumsden Association

Clan Lyon Association of Canada FB


Clan MacAlister Society

Clan MacAlpine Society

Clan MacArthur see: Clan Arthur Association

MacAskill Sept Society

Clan MacAulay Association

Clan MacAulay USA FB

Clan MacBean Association

Clan MacBeth Society of North America

Clan MacCallum-Malcolm Society of North America

Clan McCulloch Clan Society

Clan MacDonald see: Clan Donald, USA

MacDonald of Clanranald

MacDonell of Glengarry

MacDonald of Keppoch

MacDonald of Sleat

Clan MacDougall Society of North America

Clan MacDowall FB

Clan MacDuff Society of America

MacDuffee Clan Society of America

Clan MacEachern Society FB

Clan MacEwen Society

International Clan MacFarlane Society

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide

Clan MacFarlane Society, Australia

Clan MacFie Society

MacFie Clan Society of America

Clan MacGillivray Association of Canada

Clan MacGillivray Society

Clan MacGillivray Society Australia

Clan MacGillivray Society U.S.A

Clan MacGregor see: Clan Gregor Society

International Association of Clan MacInnes

Clan MacIntyre Association FB

Clan Mackay Society

Clan Mackay Association of Canada

Clan MacKay Society, USA

Clan MacKenzie Society in the United States

Clan MacKenzie Society of Scotland & The UK

Clan MacKinnon Society

Clan Mackintosh of North America

Mackintosh Families in Australia

Clan MacLachlan Association of North America

Clan MacLachlan Society of Great Britain & Ireland

Clan MacLachlan Society of New Zealand

Clan Maclachlan Society, Western USA Branch

Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie

Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie FB

Clan MacLaren Society Scotland

Clan MacLaren Society of North America

Clan McLaurin

Clan MacLea - Livingstone

Clan MacLean Worldwide

Clan MacLeanNet FB

Clan MacLean Association in the United States

Clan Maclean Atlantic Canada

Clan MacLean Pacific Northwest

Clan MacLellan

Clan MacLennan USA

Associated Clan MacLeod Societies

Clan MacLeod Society, USA

Clan MacMillan International

Clan MacMillan Society of Australia

Clan MacMillan Society of North America

Clan Macnab Society

Clan Macnab Society Worldwide

Clan MacNachtan Association Worldwide

Clan MacNeil Association of America

Clan MacNeil in Canada

Clan MacNicol Federation

Clan MacPhail Society FB

Clan MacPherson Association

Clan MacQuarrie Society

Clan MacQueen FB

Clan MacQueen/McQueen Society FB

Clan MacRae Society of North America

Clan MacTavish USA

Clan MacThomas Society

Clan Maitland Society Ltd.

Clan Maitland Society of North America

Clan Marjoribanks Society

Clan Matheson Society

Tribe of Mar Association, USA

Clan Maxwell Society

McCord Family Association

Clan Menzies Society

Clan Middleton FB

Clan Moffat Society

Clan Moffat UK

Clan Moncrieffe Society

Clan Montgomery Society International

Clan Morrison Society of North America

Morrison Clan Society of Australia

Clan Muir Society

Muirhead Clan Society

Clan Munro Association

Clan Munro Association USA

Murray Clan Society of North America



Clan Napier Society

Nesbitt Nisbet Society (British Isles)

Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of North America


Clan Ogilvy/Ogilvie

Oliphant Clan & Family Association


Clan Paisley Society

Clan Phail Society FB

Clan Pollock International

Clan Preston Society FB

Clan Pringle Association


Clan Ramsay International

Clan Rattray Society

Rollo Clan Association

Clan Rollo Southern CA

Clan Robertson see: Clan Donnachaidh Society

Clan Rose Association

Clan Ross America

Clan Ross Association of Canada

Clan Ross of the United States

Routledge Clan Society

Clan Rutherfurd/Rutherford



Scrimgeour Clan Association

Clan Scott Society

Clan Scott (Scotland)

Clan Shaw Society

Clan Sinclair Association Canada

Clan Sinclair Australia

Clan Sinclair USA

Clan Sinclair UK

Clan Skene Association

Clan Smith Society

Clan Somerville Family Association FB

Clan Spens Society Worldwide FB

Stewart Society

Stewart of Appin

Clan Stewart Society in America

Clan Stirling Online

Clan Strachan Society

Clan Sutherland Society of North America

Clan Sutherland Society in Scotland


Clan Thom(p)son Society

Tribe of Mar Association, USA

Turnbull Clan Association


Clan Urquhart Association FB


Clan Wallace Society Worldwide

Clan Wardlaw Association

Clan Watson Society

Clan Watson Society FB

Clan Wauchope

Wishart Society

Clan Wood Society


Clan Young Society


You may also be interested in these other organizations:


The Government of Scotland

The Scottish Parliament

The Court of the Lord Lyon

The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs

Scottish Tartans Authority

The Scottish Tartans Museum

Electric Scotland

Rampant Scotland

The Scottish Banner

American-Scottish Foundation

National Tartan Day New York Committee

Robert Burns Association North America

Council of Scottish Clans and Associations

Scots’ Charitable Society

Scottish American Society

Scottish-American Military Society

Scottish Clans Association Auckland, NZ

Scottish District Families Association

Scottish Heritage USA

Ulster-Scots Society of America

London College of Arms




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