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1996   2008
Clayton Allen Campbell   Paula I. Campbell
Muskegon, Michigan   Sheffield, Alabama
1996   2009
Donna Mae Campbell   No Award Presented
Norfolk, Virginia    
1997   2010
Dr. Frederick W. Campbell   M. Edmund Campbell
Wesley Chapel, Florida   Livonia, Michigan
1997   2011
Hyle A. Campbell, Jr.   No Award Presented
Hayward, California    
1998   2012
Duncan Beaton   No Award Presented
Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland    
1999   2013
Beverly Campbell Griffin   No Award Presented
Fort Wayne, Indiana    
2000   2014
Ivey G. Thompson   Name
Washington, North Carolina   City, State
2001   2015
Ian C. Campbell   Name
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   City, State
2002   2016
Mary Elizabeth “Betsey” Campbell   Name
Salt Lake City, Utah   City, State
2003   2017
Clyde H. "Bill" Campbell   Name
Sheffield, Alabama   City, State
2004   2018
Russell C. “Russ” Madigan   Name
Eagle River, Alaska   City, State
2005   2019
Walter Jean Campbell   Name
Fayetteville, North Carolina   City, State
2006   2020
Michelle Campbell   Name
Glendale, Arizona   City, State
Kenneth B. “Kenn” Campbell    
Baton Rouge, Louisiana    



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