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Sir Cailean Mór Campbell, 1st Lord of Lochow "Colin the Great"

Son and heir of Sir Gillespic Campbell 1st of Menstrie.

Born: January 1230

Married: Wife unnamed, possibly a dau. of Sinclair of Roslin (a.k.a. St. Clair of Roslin)


1. Sir Neil Campbell, later 2nd Lord of Lochow
2. Sir Dugald Campbell of Torsa, Knight, Laird of Menstrie in Clackmannanshire, swore fealty to King Edward I in 1296, but later joined Robert Bruce.
3. Sir Arthur Campbell, Knight, Constable of Dunstaffnage, swore fealty to King Edward I in 1296, but later joined Robert Bruce. (Some writers have doubted he was the son of Sir Colin.)
1. Unknown daughter Campbell
4. Sir Donald Campbell, ancestor of the Campbells of Loudon.
5. Sir Duncan Campbell, alive in 1296.
6. Sir Gillespic Campbell

Created: 1280 1st Lord of Lochow

Died: September 1294

Tenure: 1280 - September 1294

Other Titles: 2nd of Menstrie, Chief of Clan Campbell, a.k.a: "Colin the Great" Campbell

Preceded by: Sir Gillespic Campbell, 1st of Menstrie

Succeeded by: Sir Neil Campbell, 2nd Lord of Lochow

Note: Died fighting Alexander, Lord of Lorne, at the Ath-dearg (Red Ford) of Lorn (where a cairn marks the site of his grave). Earned the name Cailean Mór "Colin the Great" for his deeds on and off the battlefield and for his leadership of Clan Campbell. The Chiefs of Clan Campbell take the Gaelic title of 'MacCailein Mor' (Son of Colin the Great) from Sir Cailean Mór Campbell.

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