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Earl of Loudoun, named after Loudoun in Ayrshire, is a title in the Peerage of Scotland. It was created in 1633 for John Campbell, 2nd Lord Campbell of Loudoun, along with the subsidiary title Lord Tarrinzean and Mauchline. The 1st Earl's wife Margaret was the granddaughter and heiress of Hugh Campbell, who had been created Lord Campbell of Loudoun; he resigned the peerage in favour of his grandson-in-law, who was later created an earl.

Campbell of Loudoun Badge

Campbells of Loudoun are the oldest branch of the house of Argyll, and are descended from Sir Donald Campbell, forth son of Sir Colin Campbell, 1st Lord of Lochaw, and brother of Sir Neil Campbell, 2nd Lord of Lochow, the friend of King Robert I Bruce. The title is derived from the barony in Ayrshire, was originally the possession of the Loudouns of Loudoun, one of the oldest families in Scotland. Margaret of Loudoun, the heiress of the estate, married Sir Reginald Crawford, High Sheriff of Ayr, and was the grandmother of Sir William Wallace, the famous Scottish patriot. The barony passed to the Campbells in the reign of King Robert (the Bruce) by the marriage of Sir Duncan, son of Donald Campbell, to Susanne Crawford, heiress of Loudoun, and fifth in descent from Sir Reginald Crawford. Sir Hugh Campbell, Sheriff of Ayr, was created a Lord of Parliament by the title of Lord Campbell of Loudoun, by James VI., in 1601. His granddaughter, Margaret Campbell, who inherited his title and estates, married Sir John Campbell of Lawers, a descendant of the Campbells of Glenorchy, later known as the Campbell of Breadalbane family.

The 6th Countess married the 2nd Earl of Moira, who was later created Marquess of Hastings. The next three Earls also held that Marquessate. However, with the death of the 4th Marquess, the Marquessate became extinct, but the Earldom passed to the elder daughter of the 2nd Marquess.

The heir apparent to the Earldom uses the courtesy title Lord Mauchline.




The Earl of Loudoun's Titles

Lord Campbell of Loudoun (Scotland, Letters Patent,. 30 June 1601)

Earl of Loudoun (Scotland, Letters Patent, 12 May 1633)

Lord Tarrinzean and Mauchline (Scotland, Letters Patent, 12 May 1633)

Title Holders

John Campbell, 2nd Lord Campbell of Loudoun later 1st Earl of Loudoun, PC

1st son and heir of Sir James Campbell of Lawers, by his wife Hon Jean Colville, 3rd daughter by his first wife of James Colville, 1st Lord Colville of Culross

born: 1598

marrried before: 8 Mar 1620 Margaret Campbell, 1st dau. and hrss. of Hon George Campbell, Master of Loudoun (by his wife Lady Jean Fleming, 1st dau. by his first wife of John Fleming, 1st Earl of Wigtown), only son and heir apparent of Hugh Campbell, 1st Lord Campbell of Loudoun, by his first wife Margaret Gordon, daughter of Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar


1. Hon James Campbell, later 2nd Earl of Loudoun

1. Lady Jean Campbell (b. c. 1625; d. 30 Jul 1703), married:  after 7 Mar 1645 George Maule, 2nd Earl of Panmure, and had issue

2. Lady Margaret Campbell (d. Dec 1665; bur. at Restalrig), married:  30 Oct 1649 John Elphinstone, 3rd Lord Balmerinoch, and had issue

died: 15 Mar 1661/2

created: 12 May 1633 Earl of Loudoun, and Lord Tarrinzean and Mauchline, to him and his male heirs for ever

succeeded by: son

note: The resignation of the Lordship of Campbell of Loudoun in his favour c. 1619 seems to have been accepted some time after 25 Jan 1622/3 ; Chancellor of University of St Andrews 1638-61/2; a supporter of the Covenanters and one of their representative in England 1640; Lord Chancellor of Scotland 1641-60; First Commissioner of the Scottish Treasury 1641-44; President of the Privy Council S ; sent to treat with King Charles in 1645 and 1647; President of the Scottish Parliament 1648; fought at the Battle of Dunbar 1650


James Campbell, 2nd Earl of Loudoun


married: after 25 Nov 1666 Lady Margaret Montgomerie (d. bef. 22 Feb 1685/6), 1st daugther of Hugh Montgomerie, 7th Earl of Eglinton, by his second wife Lady Mary Leslie, 1st daughter of John Leslie, 6th Earl of Rothes


1. Hon Hugh Campbell, later 3rd Earl of Loudoun

2. Col Hon John Campbell of Shanktoun

3. Col Hon Sir James Campbell of Lawers KB, fought at the Battles of Dettingen 1743 and Fontenoy 1745 (d. 29 Apr 1745), married:  Lady Jane Boyle, inherited the Rowallan estate from her mother (d. 13 Dec 1729), 2nd dau. of David Boyle, 1st Earl of Glasgow, by his second wife Jean Mure, only child of William Mure of Rowallan, and had issue:

     1a. James Campbell later Mure-Campbell, later 5th Earl of Loudoun

     1a. Elizabeth Campbell, married:  Sir Hugh Campbell of Cessnock

1. Lady ..... Campbell

2. Lady Margaret Campbell (d. May 1747), married:  bef. 4 Jul 1689 as his fourth wife Colin Lindsay, 3rd Earl of Balcarres, and had issue

3. Lady ..... Campbell

4. Lady Eleanor Campbell (d. 21 Nov 1759), married:  (1) James Primrose, 1st Viscount Primrose, and (2) 7 Mar 1714 John Dalrymple, 2nd Earl of Stair, and had issue by her first husband

died: 1684

succeeded by: son


Hugh Campbell, 3rd Earl of Loudoun, KT PC


married:  6 Apr 1700 his cousin Lady Margaret Dalrymple (bapt. 25 Aug 1684; d. 3 Apr 1779), 3rd dau. of John Dalrymple, 1st Earl of Stair, by his wife Elizabeth Dundas, dau. and hrss .of Sir John Dundas of Newliston


1. Hon John Campbell, later 4th Earl of Loudoun

1. Lady Margaret Campbell (dsp. before 20 Apr 1735), married:  30 Aug 1728 as his first wife John Campbell, 2nd of Shawfield (b. 1696; d. 22 Jul 1746), 1st son and heir of Daniel Campbell MP, 1st of Shawfield, by his first wife Mary Leckie, dau. of John Leckie of Newlands

died:  20 Nov 1731

succeeded by: son

note: Privy Councillor Scotland 1697 and 1703 and England 1707; an Extraordinary Lord of Session 1699-1731; a Commissioner (Whig) of the Scottish Treasury 1703-05; Joint Secretary of State for Scotland 1705-07; Knight of the Thistle 1706; on of the Commissioners for the Union; resigned his titles 7 Feb 1707 and obtained a novodamus extending the limitation, after failure of the heirs male of his body, to the heirs general of the body of the 1st Earl of his nomination, failing which to the heirs male whatsoever of the 1st Earl; a Representative Peer for Scotland 1707-31; Lord Keeper of the Seal of Scotland 1708-13; fought at the Battle of Sheriffmuir 1715 under the Duke of Argyll; Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire 1715-31; High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Kirk 1722, 1725, 1726, 1728, 1730 and 1731; granted a pension of £2,000 a year 1727


John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun

born: 5 May 1705

died: 27 Apr 1782

succeeded by: cousin

note: Entered the Army 1727; a Representative Peer for Scotland 1734-82; Grand Master of the English Freemasons 1736-37; Governor of Stirling Castle 1741-63 and of Edinburgh Castle 1763-82; ADC to the King 1743-45; raised a regiment of Highlanders 1745, a quarter of whom were captured en masse by the Jacobites at the Battle of Prestonpans, though in response he captured Lord Lovat, one of the Jacobite leaders; in 1746 his forces were defeated by Prince Charles Edward on Dornoch Firth; Col of the 3rd Regiment of Foot 1749-70; Maj General 1755; Colonel-in-Chief of the 60th Regiment of Rifles (Royal Americans) 1755-57; Governor-General of Virginia and Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in America 1756-57; Lieut General 1758; Commander-in-Chief of the troops sent to Portugal against Spain 1762; General 1770; Col of the 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards 1770-82


James Campbell later Mure-Campbell, 5th Earl of Loudoun

born: 11 Feb 1726

married: 30 Apr 1777 Flora Macleod (d. 2 Sep 1780), 1st dau. of John Macleod of Raasay

only child

1. Lady Flora Mure-Campbell, later suo jure Countess of Loudoun

died: 28 Apr 1786

succeeded by: daughter

note: Assumed the additional name of Mure before that of Campbell on succeeding his mother in the estates of his maternal grandmother 1729; Captain of the Scot's Greys 1745; Member of Parliament (Whig) for Ayrshire 1754-61; Lt Col of the 2nd Dragoon Guards and later the 21st Dragoon Guards 1757-63; Maj General 1781


Lady Flora Mure-Campbell, suo jure 6th Countess of Loudoun

born: Aug 1780

married: 12 Jul 1804 Frances Rawdon later Rawdon-Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings


1. Lord George Augustus Francis Rawdon-Hastings, later 2nd Marquess of Hastings and 7th Earl of Loudoun

1. Lady Flora Elizabeth Rawdon-Hastings, Lady of the Bedchamber to HRH the Duchess of Kent (b. 11 Feb 1806; d. 5 Jul 1839)

2. Lady Sophia Frederica Christina Rawdon-Hastings (b. 1 Feb 1809; d. 28 Dec 1859), married:  10 Apr 1845 as his second wife John Crichton-Stuart, 2nd Marquess of Bute, and had issue

3. Lady Selina Constance Rawdon-Hastings (d. 8 Nov 1867), married:  25 Jun 1838 Charles John Henry, son of John Joseph Henry, of Straffan, co. Kildare, by his wife Lady Emily Elizabeth FitzGerald, 1st dau. of William Robert FitzGerald, 2nd Duke of Leinster

4. Lady Adelaide Augusta Lavinia Rawdon-Hastings (dsp. 6 Dec 1860), married:  8 Jul 1854 Sir William Murray later Keith-Murray of Ochtertyre, 7th Bt. (d. 16 Oct 1861)

died: 8 Jan 1840

succeeded by: son


George Augustus Francis Rawdon-Hastings, 2nd Marquess of Hastings and 7th Earl of Loudoun

born: 4 February 1808

note: Succeeded his father 28 Nov 1826 as 2nd Marquess of Hastings and his mother 8 Jan 1840 as 7th Earl of Loudoun

died: 13 January 1844


    1. Paulyn Reginald Serlo Rawdon-Hastings, later 3rd Marquess of Hastings b. 2 Jun 1832, d. 17 Jan 1851
    1. Edith Maud Rawdon-Hastings, later 10th Countess of Loudoun b. 10 Dec 1833, d. 23 Jan 1874
    2. Bertha Lelgarde Rawdon-Hastings, Baroness Grey (of Ruthin) b. 30 Apr 1835, d. 15 Dec 1887
    3. Lady Victoria Maria Louisa Rawdon-Hastings b. 18 Jul 1837, d. 30 Mar 1888
    2. Henry Weysford Charles Plantagenet Rawdon-Hastings, later 4th Marquess of Hastings b. 22 Jul 1842, d. 10 Nov 1868
    4. Lady Frances Augusta Constance Muir Rawdon-Hastings b. 16 Mar 1844, d. 1 Sep 1910

succeeded by: son


Paulyn Reginald Serlo Rawdon-Hastings, 3rd Marquess of Hastings, 8th Earl of Loudoun

born: 2 June 1832

died: 17 January 1851

children:  without issue

succeeded by: younger brother


Henry Weysford Charles Plantagenet Rawdon-Hastings, 4th Marquess of Hastings, 9th Earl of Loudoun

born: 22 July 1842

died: 10 November 1868

children: without issue

Note: The Earldom of Loudoun was held by the Marquesses of Hastings from 8 Jan 1840 until 10 Nov 1868, when on the death without issue of Henry Weysford Charles Plantagenet Rawdon-Hastings, 4th Marquess of Hastings, 9th Earl of Loudoun, etc., the Marquessate of Hastings and other non-Scottish titles created by patent became extinct, the English baronies by writ fell into abeyance between his four sisters, and the Earldom of Loudoun, etc., passed to his eldest sister.


Lady Edith Maud Rawdon-Hastings, suo jure 10th Countess of Loudoun

born: 10 Dec 1833

married: 30 Apr 1853 Charles Frederick Clifton later Abney-Hastings later Rawdon-Hastings, 1st Baron Donington


    1. ady Flora Paulyna Hetty Barbara Abney-Hastings b. 13 Feb 1854, d. 11 Apr 1887
    1. Charles Edward Rawdon-Hastings, later 11th Earl of Loudoun b. 5 Jan 1855, d. 17 May 1920
    2. Major Paulyn Francis Cuthbert Rawdon-Hastings b. 21 Oct 1856, d. 19 Oct 1907
    3. Gilbert Theophilus Clifton Clifton-Hastings-Campbell, 3rd Baron Donington b. 29 May 1859, d. 31 May 1927
    4. Hon. Henry Cecil Plantagenet Abney-Hastings b. 19 Jun 1860, d. 22 Nov 1886
    5. Hon. Egidia Sophia Frederica Christina Abney-Hastings b. 9 May 1870, d. 6 Mar 1892

died: 23 Jan 1874

succeeded by: son

note: On 6 Nov 1871 the abeyances of the Baronies of Botreaux, Hungerford, de Moleyns and Hastings of Hastings were terminated by Letters Patent in her favour


Charles Edward Hastings Abney-Hastings later Rawdon-Hastings, 11th Earl of Loudoun

born: 5 Jan 1855

married: 4 Feb 1880 Hon Alice Mary Elizabeth Fitzalan-Howard (b. 20 Jun 1856; d. 10 May 1915), 3rd dau. of Edward George Fitzalan-Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Glossop, by his first wife Augusta Talbot, only dau. and hrss. of Hon George Henry Talbot, half-brother of John Talbot, 16th Earl of Shrewsbury

children: without issue

died: 17 May 1920

succeeded by: niece

note: Succeeded his father 24 Jul 1895 as 2nd Baron Donington; on his death he was suc. in the United Kingdom Barony of Donington by his youngest brother, Gilbert Theophilus Clifton Abney-Hastings later Clifton-Hastings-Campbell, 3rd Baron Donington, and the English Baronies of Botreaux, Hungerford, de Moleyns and Hastings of Hastings fell into abeyance between the three surviving daughters of his late younger brother, Maj Hon Paulyn Francis Cuthbert Abney-Hastings


Lady Edith Maud Abney-Hastings, suo jure 12th Countess of Loudoun

born: 13 May 1883

married: 12 Dec 1916 (div. 1947) Capt Reginald Mowbray Chichester Huddleston later Abney-Hastings


1. Capt Hon Ian Huddleston Abney-Hastings, styled Lord Mauchline (b. 23 Mar 1918; dvm. 11 Jul 1944)

1. Lady Barbara Huddleston Abney-Hastings, later suo jure 13th Countess of Loudoun

2. Lady Jean Huddleston Abney-Hastings later Campbell of Loudoun (b. 3 Oct 1920; d. 1981), married:  (1) 23 Mar 1940 (div. 1949) Edgar Wright Wakefield, 1st son of Raymond Edgar Wakefield, of Toronto, Canada, and (2) 1 Sep 1954 (div. 1964) Capt Arthur Alexander Hubble (d. 13 Jun 1979), son of Arthur Whibley Hubble, of Hunton, co. Kent, and had issue by both husbands

3. Lady Fiona Mary Huddleston Abney-Hastings (b. 17 Mar 1922; d. 19...), married:  26 Apr 1951 Robert Alexander French (d. 2 Sep 1970), 2nd son of James Andrew French, of Glasgow

4. Lady Fiona Huddleston Abney-Hastings (b. 26 Feb 1923; d. 1990), married:  27 Sep 1940 Capt Robert Conroy-Robertson later de Fresnes, 12th Baron de Fresnes (France, 1642), and had issue

5. Lady Edith Huddleston Abney-Hastings (b. 19 Jan 1925), married:  23 May 1947 Maj David Kenneth Maclaren, of Ardgour, co. Inverness, yst, son of Dr Norman Maclaren, of Curieshaw, West Kilbride, co. Ayr, and has issue

died: 24 Feb 1960

succeeded by: daughter

note: On 17 Dec 1920 she was declared by a resolution of The House of Lords to be along with her two sisters a co-heir to the Baronies of Botreaux, Hungerford, de Moleyns, Hastings of Hastings and Hastings of Hungerford, as well as those of Strange of Knockyn and Stanley;  on 23 Feb 1921 the abeyances of the Baronies of Botreaux, Stanley and Hastings of Hastings were terminated in her favour, but on her death in 1960 they once again fell into abeyance between her five daughters


Lady Barbara Huddleston Abney-Hastings, suo jure 13th Countess of Loudoun

born: 3 Jul 1919

married:  (1) 5 Sep 1939 (div. 1945) Capt Walter Strickland Lord, son of Capt Arthur Francis Lord, of Kerswell Rock, Chudleigh, co. Devon

only child by first husband

1. Hon Michael Edward Lord later Abney-Hastings, later 14th Earl of Loudoun

married:  (2) 21 Nov 1945 Capt Gilbert Frederick Greenwood (d. 24 May 1951), son of Frederick Greenwood, of Sheffield, co. York

children: by second husband

2. Hon Frederick James Abney-Hastings (b. 19 Dec 1946)

1. Lady Selina Mary Abney-Hastings (b. 29 Jan 1949), married:  1967 William Newman, of Old Place, Ansty, co. West Sussex, and has issue

married:  (3) 15 Sep 1954 Peter Griffiths later Abney-Hastings (d. 4 Jan 2002), son of William Griffiths, of Hastings, co. Sussex

children: by third husband

2. Lady Margaret Maude Abney-Hastings (b. 10 Feb 1956), married:  1977 Brian Peter Ludlow, and has issue

3. Lady Mary Joy Abney-Hastings (b. 18 Mar 1957; dvm. 17 Jun 1997), married:  1982 David John Flowers, and had issue

4. Lady Clare Louise Abney-Hastings (b. 8 Dec 1958), married:  1988 Peter William Lacey, and has issue

died: 1 Nov 2002

succeeded by: son by first husband


Michael Edward Lord later Abney-Hastings, 14th Earl of Loudoun

born: 22 Jul 1942

married: 1969 Noelene Margaret McCormick, dau. of W J McCormick, of Barham, New South Wales, Australia


1. Hon Simon Michael Abney-Hastings, later 15th Earl of Loudoun

2. Hon Marcus William Abney-Hastings, Master of Loudoun, heir presumptive to the Earldom of Loudoun (b. 1981)

1. Lady Amanda Louise Abney-Hastings (b. 1969), married:  1992 Sebastian Donald Catena, and has issue

2. Lady Lisa Maree Abney-Hastings (b. 1974)

died: 30 Jun 2012

succeeded by: son


Simon Michael Abney-Hastings, 15th Earl of Loudoun

born: 1974

married: single as of 1 October 2018

died: living as 1 October 2018

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The heir presumptive to the Earldom of Loudoun is Hon Marcus William Abney-Hastings, Master of Loudoun, second son of the 14th Earl of Loudoun and younger brother of the present Earl.



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