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Chief of Clan Campbell:

The current Chief of Clan Campbell, the 13th (Scotland) and 6th (UK) Duke of Argyll Torquhil Ian Campbell, inherited the title in 2001 making him, at the age of 33, the yougest Duke in the United Kingdom. He combines his duties as Clan Chief, Duke, and Landowner with a consultant role with Pernod Ricard, promoting Scotch Whiskies including Chivas Regal and Glenlivet, around the world. He captained Scotland to victory in 2004 and again in 2005 in the World Elephant Polo Championships.

The Chief of Clan Campbell takes his Gaelic title of 'Mac Cailein Mor' (Son of Colin the Great) from Colin Campbell who was killled in 1296, and was succeeded by his son Sir Neil Campbell, companion and brother-in-law of King Robert the Bruce.

From Robert the Bruce's time, the family headquarters had been the great castle at Innischonnell on Loch Awe, and remained so until the 1400's when Sir Duncan Campbell (great grandson of Sir Colin) moved the Clan Seat to Inveraray on Loch Fyne. He was created Lord Campbell and thereafter a steady string of titles were awarded to the family. His grandson Colin Campbell was created Earl of Argyll in 1457. Archibald Campbell was created Duke of Argyll (Scotland) in 1701.

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Clan Campbell History:

The name Campbell is undoubtedly one of considerable antiquity and the clan has long been one of the most numerous and powerful in the Highlands.

No Campbell, or person of a related name, who was not brought up in Scotland itself should ever feel that because they are out of touch with the incredible riches of their clan heritage that they are in any way less a "Campbell." The history is there, and for some the genes also. Whether the "heart is in the Highlands" or not, is a matter of understanding and of personal style. What may be missing is that informed knowledge and lively practice of the culture of the Highlander. Well-found elements of that can be absorbed and passed on to the next generation so that it is once again a living heritage, although renewed for the present age.

The purpose of this web site is to attempt an outline the living heritage so that those who yearn to investigate it further, and to make it their own, can start from a knowledge base that is sincere. If you can happily make the facts, inferences and courtesies indicated here your own, one thing is certain. You will know more about the Campbell background than have most Campbells before you.

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