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CCEF President, CCSNA Past Region 2 Commissioner, CCSNA Past Region 2 Deputy Commissioner


William S. Burke

I was happy to agree to take on the President's position in the CCEF as a long-time member of CCSNA and fan of the Argyll Papers. Two years ago I was given a tour of the Archives with Diarmid Campbell and the archivist. What a thrill to hold a signed and sealed charter by King Charles II. The archives themselves are truly impressive and I am sure anyone who has had an opportunity to visit will be inclined to support our efforts in this fund raising effort.

I had the good fortune to serve for over 3 years on an RAF base in the UK. During my tour of duty I became quite familiar with the British Isles including the Borders and the North. Additionally, in 2000 I was a Founding member of the St. Andrew's Society of the Adirondacks (SASA) in Lake Placid, New York. I joined the CCSNA at the Scottish Games at Whiteface Mtn, Lake Placid. I served in various offices in SASA and eventually became President.

In my time with the CCSNA I have served as Deputy Commissioner and for the past several years as Region 2 Commissioner. Additionally I am a member of the St. Andrew's Society of the City of Albany and presently serve as President.

My Scottish roots are not confined to Clan Campbell, as I also claim a connection to Clan Graham, and to Sween/Sweeney.  There is a lot of Irish in there too.

I am a retired administrator for the NYS Dept. of Correctional Services since 2006 and served mostly in maximum security facilities involved with programming special needs/ vulnerable inmates. It was a great and unique career.

My leisure interests are reading history, fly fishing, hunting and helping to manage my family’s 350 acre sustainable forest. We are observing our 150th anniversary of having owned the "Farm".

I am especially sad that we will not be able to have the opportunity to meet all of our old friends at the Highland Games in 2020, but as Dame Vera Lynn sang: “We'll meet again some sunny day."


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Clan Campbell Society (N.A.)

Membership benefits include:

– A subscription to our 60 page award winning quarterly magazine, "The Journal"

– Access to our genealogical data via our Genealogist

– Member pricing on Clan Campbell merchandise

– News of Scottish events and Scottish Highland Games

– Periodic opportunities for Group Travel to Scotland

A subscription to a monthly eNewsletter with color pictures and invitations to events

– Free entry to Cawdor Castle during regular open times (with valid membership card)

– Free entry to Inveraray Castle during regular open times (with valid membership card)

Membership is open to all who are Campbells, Campbell septs, married to a Campbell or Campbell Sept, and those who are descended from Clan Campbell, and to those interested in learning about the Clan Campbell, and Scottish history and culture, and acknowledge Mac Cailein Mòr as their Clan Chief, as he is the Chief of Clan Campbell, the greatest family in all of Scotland!

Remember, those who get the most out of being a member of the Clan Campbell Society... are those who participate. We welcome you as our kinsmen.

To become a member, please complete the online Membership Application and the PDF Genealogy Data Forms.