Clan Campbell Society
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You can be a member of best Scottish Clan Society in the world today. (Understandably, we may be a wee bit prejudiced.) As a member, you will have all the rights and privileges due to all loyal Clan Members. You will receive copies of our award-winning Journal of the Clan Campbell Society (published quarterly). Our Journal contains stories and articles on:

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  • Clan Campbell and Scottish History
  • Clan Campbell and Scottish Events
  • Genealogy Articles
  • "Kith and Kin" Section
  • Other Members of Clan Campbell
  • Music and Athletics
  • Society Activities and Events
  • Highland Games Calendar
  • Other benefits include access to our Clan Campbell Society (North America) Library which includes over 500 volumes on Scottish History and Genealogy. In addition, the Genealogy Library contains over 165,000 family data sheets completed by our members. The library is maintained by the Clan Society Genealogist who also provides answers to members' individual inquiries. The Society is represented at almost every Scottish Game and Gathering in North America. Tents at these events provide our members with the camaraderie of kindred souls as well as a refuge where rest may be found and coolers and chairs may be stored while enjoying the festivities.

    Remember, those who get the most out of being a member of the Clan Campbell Society are those who participate. We welcome you all.

    Membership is open to all who are Campbells, Campbell Septs, married to a Campbell or Campbell Sept, and, in keeping with Scottish traditions, those who want to be associated with the Clan Campbell, the greatest family in all of Scotland.

    To become a member, please complete the Clan Campbell Society Membership Application and the Genealogy Data Forms. The Membership Application, along with your annual membership dues: $30.00 USD for those in the U.S.A., and $40.00 USD for those outside the U.S.A., should be mailed to the address listed on the Membership Application.

    Life Memberships in the Clan Campbell Society (North America) are also available. The following rate schedule is effective as of January 01, 2018:

    18 - 39 Years Old 
    $900.00 USD
    $1200.00 USD
    40 - 64 Years Old 
    $600.00 USD
    $800.00 USD
    65 - 69 Years Old 
    $450.00 USD
    $600.00 USD
    70+ Years Old 
    $300.00 USD
    $400.00 USD

    The two Genealogy Data Forms are to be mailed to the Clan Campbell Society Genealogist in Baton Rouge, LA, at the address listed on the Genealogy form.

    Welcome to the Clan Campbell Society (North America)!

    Clan Campbell Society Article
    An article written about the Clan Campbell Society, its purpose and its benefit to its membership.

    Clan Campbell Society Pamphlet
    A shorter version of the basic facts and septs.

    Clan Campbell Tartans
    Don't be fooled. Very specific tartans are approved for wear by members of the Clan Campbell. These articles should be read before making any decisions about purchasing tartan.

    Here are the membership application and the genealogical information forms. Fill them out and mail them in.

    Clan Campbell Society Membership Application           Genealogy Data Forms

    Know Your Clan Chief
    The Clan Campbell has as its Chief the 13th Duke of Argyll.

    Campbell Facts
    This page has answers to those most basic and important facts that should be known by every Campbell, Society member or not.

    • The Clan and the Clan Society are not one and the same; the Society is part of the Clan and cannot presume to be the Clan itself.

    • While the Chief is not involved with the day-to-day running of the Society, he is both the Patron of the Clan Campbell Society (North America) and its effective head since the whole essence of the Clan system lies in the loyalty to the Chief.