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Scotland can be found at the northern end of the island of Great Britain. This island, and the rest of what are known as the British Isles, lie off the northern coast of Europe. England and Wales take up the rest of the island. Together with Northern Ireland, they form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Europe and Great Britain
The United Kingdom lies off the northern coast of Europe.

United Kingdom
 The United Kingdom of Great Britain 
 and Northern Ireland, along with the   Republic of Ireland. Scotland is at the top.

In 1603, James VI of Scots, son of Mary Queen of Scots, was invited to take the throne of England. This made him both King of England and King of Scots (Kings in Scotland are always called King of Scots, never King of Scotland).

In 1707 the Treaty of Union united the British Isles into the United Kingdom of Great Britain. But Scotland still has its own identity.

Many years ago two different groups of people lived in Scotland: Highlanders and Lowlanders. Clan Campbell is from the Highlands. The Highlanders were the people who wore kilts and who played the Highland bagpipes. These have become symbols of all of Scotland.

Scotland is a beautiful land. It has rolling hills, many lakes which are called lochs, tall mountains, islands and rugged coasts. But the best part of Scotland is the people.

This is the place from which Clan Campbell came. If you don't live there, maybe some day you can visit Scotland!

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