Our Chief

   The man to the left is the Chief of Clan Campbell. His name is Torquil Ian Campbell. He became the Chief of Clan Campbell in 2001, when his father passed away. He has many titles, but the biggest one is Duke of Argyll. He is the 13th Duke of Argyll. The Gaelic title of the Chief of Clan Campbell is MacCailein Mor
(Mac - HY- len Mor). That means "Son of Great Colin."  Colin the Great was a leading member of Clan Campbell who died in battle in 1296.


     Here is a photograph of the Chief as a young man.
As a lad
At Highland games

      The Chief at a Highland games.


   With his fiance, Miss Eleanor Cadbury. They plan to       be married soon.

Inveraray Castle

   Inveraray Castle, home of the Chief of Clan Campbell. Although our Chief works in London, he will be spending a lot of time at the castle.
Many people visit the castle, and some get to meet the Chief.Maybe someday you will get a chance to meet our Chief.

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