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Some Notable Dates for Clan Campbell

1263 Cailein Mor's father Sir Gillespic Cambel is the earliest Cambel on written record

1296 Cailein Mor (great Colin) killed by the MacDougalls at the String of Lorne

1314 Cailein Mor's son Sir Neil Cambel one of the Commissioners for peace after the English defeat at the battle of Bannockburn

1315 Sir Neil's son Sir Colin granted the whole land of Lochawe and the land of Ardskeodnish (Kilmartin) as Lord of Lochawe

1445 Sir Duncan Cambel, great-grandson of Sir Neil, is made 1st Lord Campbell. In time this became the spelling of the family name

1457 Duncan Lord Campbell's grandson Sir Colin made 1st Earl of Argyll

1470 Earl Colin is granted the Lordship of Lorne and quarters the galley of Lorne on his shield

1474 Earl Colin has Inveraray erected to a burgh of barony

1513 Archibald 2nd Earl of Argyll dies beside his king, James IV, on Flodden field

1538 Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll, is born. He later commanded a larger army than either Mary Queen of Scots or Elizabeth of England

1563 Mary Queen of Scots visits her brother-in-law Earl Archibald at his castle of Inveraray

1592 John Campbell of Cawdor murdered in Argyll as part of a conspiracy by Campbell of Glenurchy and Campbell of Ardkinglas in a dispute over control of the young chief

1603 Elizabeth of England dies, leaving James IV of Scots the throne of England besides, and the court moves to London which means that the Earls of Argyll are obliged to spend more time there

1617 The 7th Earl had gone overseas and the court had moved to London. The Western Highlands and Islands became increasingly torn by strife and the leaders of Clan Campbell were summoned to Edinburgh and ordered to restore law and order

1641 Archibald, 8th Earl of Argyll, was made Marquess of Argyll

1644-5 Alastair MacColla and his Irish of Clan Donnel invade Inveraray at Christmas and ravage Argyll

1645 The government forces under the Marquess of Argyll, including the greater part of Clan Campbell, are defeated at the Battle of Inverlochy

1661 The Marquess of Argyll is beheaded on `The Maiden' in Edinburgh

1678 Archibald the 9th Earl, son of the Marquess, invades the MacLean lands on the Isle of Mull and garrisons of Duart Castle

1685 The 9th Earl invades Argyll from Holland as part of Monmouth's rebellion. He is captured near Glasgow and beheaded on `The Maiden' in Edinburgh

1688 The 10th Earl of Argyll helps to welcome William and Mary to Britain in place of the Catholic James who has fled

1692 The Earl of Argyll's regiment of the British army is billeted upon the MacDonalds of Glencoe for failure to pay taxes. The troops are later and quite suddenly ordered to kill the MacDonalds, with the resultant massacre of Glencoe

1701 The 10th Earl of Argyll is made 1st Duke of Argyll

1707 The Treaty of Union between Scotland and England unites the two parliaments after being promoted in Scotland by John Campbell the 2nd Duke of Argyll

1713 Finding the English are not fulfilling the spirit of the Union, Duke John attempts, but fails, to have the Union dissolved

1714 Duke John appears uninvited at the Privy Council and tilts the balance in favor of the Hanoverian succession upon the approaching death of Queen Anne

1715 John, 2nd Duke of Argyll, commands the British forces against the Jacobite army of the Earl of Mar at the Battle of Sheriffmuir, preventing further civil war

1725 The 2nd Duke of Argyll is made a Field Marshal of the British army

1763 The 5th Duke of Argyll is made a Field Marshal of the British army

1745 Archibald, 3rd Duke of Argyll, who had already started the new castle at Inveraray, opposes the Jacobite rising, but protests Cumberland's cruelty after Culloden

1871 The Marquess of Lorne is married to Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria

1878 The Marquess of Lorne is made Governor General of Canada

1892 George, 8th Duke of Argyll, is made a Duke in the peerage of the United Kingdom as well as of Scotland. He was a member of the cabinet of the British government and was made a Knight of both the Thistle and the Garter, a signal honor

1937 Birth of the Ian, 12th Duke of Argyll

1968 Birth of the Torquhil Ian, 13th and present Duke of Argyll

1973 The Duke Ian succeeds his father as 12th Duke of Argyll and Mac Cailein Mor, Chief of Clan Campbell

1975 A severe fire damages the upper floors of Inveraray Castle. The Duke decides to rebuild and restore the castle to it's original state, a daunting task taking several years and in which he succeeds

2001 Our present Chief succeeds his father as 13th Duke of Argyll and Mac Cailein Mor, Chief of Clan Campbell

2002 His Grace the Duke of Argyll, Torquhil Ian Campbell marries Eleanor Cadbury.

2004 Lord Archie Frederick Campbell, Marquess of Lorne, future Chief of Clan Campbell is born.

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