Meet the Campbell Filmmaker Who Brought to Life an Iconic ‘Doctor Who’ Episode and J.K. Rowling’s Adult-Oriented Novel


Jonny Campbell FilmmakerWith several successful miniseries, a film, and memorable TV episodes under his belt, British director Jonny Campbell has built a career that has allowed him to work on diverse genres and formats. Winning a slew of awards, including a BAFTA, for TV series like zombie dramedy “In the Flesh” or the iconic “Doctor Who” episode “Vincent and the Doctor,” Campbell has become one of the most respected and versatile helmers working in the U.K. today. His most recent project “The Casual Vacancy” is based on J.K Rowling’s adult-oriented novel by the same name and it’s available through HBO now. Campbell plans to spend some time in Los Angeles this month to seek opportunities this side of the Atlantic and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him land projects as interesting as his already eclectic body of work is.