Clan Music

   People picture the bagpipes when thinking of Scottish music. But the first instrument of the Celtic peoples was the clarsach, the Celtic small harp. Little is known of clarsach music that is linked to Clan Campbell but, as we learn about it, we will add the information to this web site.
   The music most closely linked to our clan is that of the bagpipes, or pipes. The most well known pipe music of the Clan Campbell is the march, The Campbells Are Coming, which should now be playing in the background as you visit this page. Below are the words to the song.


The Campbells Are Coming 

The Campbells are coming Ho-Ro, Ho-Ro! 
The Campbells are coming Ho-Ro, Ho-Ro! 
The Campbells are coming to bonnie LochLeven 
The Campbells are coming Ho-Ro, Ho-Ro! 

Upon the Lomonds I lay, I lay, 
Upon the Lomonds I lay, I lay, 
I lookit down to bonnie Lochleven 
And saw three perches play-hay-hay! 

The Great Argyll he goes before, 
He makes the cannons and guns to roar, 
With sound o'trumpet, pipe and drum, 
The Campbells are coming, Ho-Ro, Ho-Ro! 

The Campbells they are a' in arms, 
Their loyal faith and truth to show, 
With banners rattling in the wind, 
The Campbells are coming Ho-Ro, Ho-Ro! 

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The Campbells Are Coming


Here are some other pipe tunes that have a Clan Campbell connection

Failte Mharcuis Earragaidheal, or The Marquis of Argyll's Salute
Bodaich nam Briogais, or The Carles with the Breeks: also known as Lord Breadalbane's March
Cruinneachadh Sil Diarmid, or Clan Campbell's Gathering
The Glendaruel Highlanders
The Argyllehire Gathering
Climbing Dunnyquaich
Inveraray Castle
Miss Elspeth Campbell
Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle
Captain Campbell (of Drum a Voisk)


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