PA Marriages in the 1700s

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Posted by Kevin Campbell on September 23, 19100 at 16:41:41:

Attached is some information on Campbell marraiges in Pennsylvania in the 1700s. I have no further information on any of these Campbell lines.

(From the Original Register at Old Swedes Church)

4 Oct. 1752, David Campbell and Elizabeth Lawrence by Rev. Olof Parlin, by license.
14 Dec. 1754, John Campbell and Sarah Burk by Rev. Olof Parlin, by publication.
28 May 1757, John Campbell and Mary Reinhart by Rev. Olaf Parlin, by license.
27 June 1757, Ann Campbell and Barney Murphy by Rev. Olaf Parlin, by publication.
30 Jan. 1760, Hugh Campbell and Mary Hannah, by Rev. Charles M. Wrangel, by license.
9 April 1770, Catherine Campbel and Henry Kreps by Rev. Andrew Goeranason, by license.
18 Dec. 1770, George Campbell and Mary C avert, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson, by license.
6 Mar. 1774, Mary Camel and John Rodgers, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson, by publication.
22 Jan. 1775, Margaret Campbell and Gabriel Willson, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
21 April 1777, Joseph Campbell and Elizabeth Clodier, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
25 Nov. 1777, John Campbell and Jane Willson, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
7 Mar. 1778, John Cammell and Isabella Benson, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
28 Mar. 1778, Duncan Campbell and Margaret Hall, Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
13 June 1778, Catherine Campbell and Thomas Silbey, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
15 Nov. 1778, Mary Campbell and Patrick Dixson, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
22 Nov. 1778, Elizabeth Campbell and James Kava-naugh, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
25 Nov. 1778, John Campbell and Mary Kerr, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
8 May 1779, Mary Campbell and Robert Connelly by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
31 May 1779, Ann Campbell and James Miller, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
1 June 1779, Sarah Campbell and Patrick Linch, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
11 July 1779, James Campbell and Bridget Smith, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
19 Nov. 1779, Philip Shen Campbell and Hannah New-man, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
2 Jan. 1780, Margaret Campbell and Francis Gallen, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
5 Aug. 1781, Jane Campbell and Michael Joys, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.
17 Feb. 1781, Patty Cambel and George Hinderson by Rev. M. Hultgreen.
22 Feb. 1781, Catherine Campbell and William George by Rev. M. Hultgreen.
2 April 1781, Catherine Campbell and John Collin, by Rev. M. Hultgreen.
6 April 1783, Mary Campbell and Charles Hamilton, by Rev. M. Hultgreen.
7 Aug. 1783, Elizabeth Campbell and John Newcom, by Rev. M. Hultgreen.
30 Nov. 1784, Richard Campbell and Catherine Reily, by Rev. M. Hultgreen.
9 Feb. 1785, Mary Campbell and Charles Holland, by Rev. M. H Hultgreen.
16 Oct. 1787, Sucky Campbell and Patric Madan, by Rev. Nicholas Collin.
26 Nov. 1787, Anne Campbell and James Plant, by Rev. Nicholas Collin.
13 July 1790, Patric Campbell and Agnes Hunter, by Rev. Nicholas Collin.
4 Sept. 1790, Laurence Campbell and Jane Douherty, by Rev. Nicholas Collin.
24 Feb. 1791, William Campbell and Susanna McFar-lane, by Rev. Nicholas Collin.
1 Dec. 1791, Margaret Campbell and Barnabas Dow-ney, by Rev. Nicholas Collin.
23 July 1794, Samuel Campbell, past 23, widower, son of dec. Samuel and Jane Campbell of Ireland, to Isabella McKan, past 25, daughter of Gilbert and Margaret McKan.
26 Aug. 1794, John Campbell, past 25, son of James and Jane Campbell, of Ireland, to Catherine Bryan, past 27, daughter of dec. Jeremiah and Catherine Bryan.
14 Dec. 1794, Charles Campbell, past 28, son of Neal Campbell and his dec. wife, Grisele, of Ireland, to Elizabeth Justis, past 28, daughter of the dec. John and Nancy Justis of Ireland.
22 Feb. 1795, Agnew Campbell, 25, son of John and Jane Campbell of Ireland, to Ann Alex-ander, 20, daughter of dec. Joseph and Mary Alexander, of Pennsylvania.
24 May 1795, John Campbell, 26, widower, son of dec. Andrew and Rachel Campbell of Philadelphia, to Mary Cooper, 34, widow, daughter of Christopher Fran-ciscus, of Lancaster, Penn.
20 Sept. 1795, Mary Campbell, 21, daughter of dec. George and Mary Campbell, of Phila-delphia, to Henry Lane, 21, son of Mathias and Catherine Lane, of West New Jersey.
18 June 1796, John Campbell, 22, son of James and Catherine Campbell, of Ireland, to Margaret Oliver, 22, daughter of dec. William and Elizabeth Oliver.
7 Aug. 1796, Thomas Campbell, 19, mariner, son of Anthony, dec. and Mary Campbell of Ireland, to Ann Welsh, 18, Daughter of Dennis, dec., and Jane Welsh, of Ireland.
15 Sept. 1796, John D. Campbell, 29, son of George Campbell, and his dec. wife, Sarah of Bucks Co., to Christina McCormick 34, widow, daughter of dec. John and Rebecca Cryder of Philadelphia.
17 Nov. 1799, William Campbell, 24, son of William and Margaret Cambel, late of Ireland to Mary Sveny, 25, daughter of John and dec. Mary Sveny of Ireland.
11 Mar. 1801, George Campbell, 32, son of Arthur and dec. wife Mary Campbell, of Ireland, to Elizabeth Myer, 23, daughter of dec. Henry and Hester Myer of Phila-delphia.

(From Original Records)

Hugh Campbell, Straban township. York Co., Penn., 14 Dec., 1798, 2 Jan., 1799.
 wife Rebecca (second wife) son Alexander
 son Robert
 son Armstrong
 daughter Mary daughter Margaret mentions first wife’s children

Francis Campbell, Cumberland Co., Penn., 8 Aug., 1790, 9 March, 1791.
 wife Elizabeth
 son Francis
 son Ebenezer
 son Parker
 son George
 son-in-law, Robert Cate
 daughter Elizabeth

(From Original Records)

Campbell, Ada K. and James D. Campbell. 17 September. 1863, Huntingdon.
Cambell, Alexander and Martha McNealy. 21 Aug., 1770, Philadelphia.
Campbell, Alexander and Elizabeth Kay, 12 September, 1791, Philadelphia.
Campbell, Alexander and Isabell Davis, 20 October, 1796. Carlisle.
Campbell, Alexander and Elizabeth Irwin, 3 May, 1814. Huntingdon Co.
Campbell, Alvin Cutler and Martha Hunselman, 10 May. 1869. Northumberland.
Campbell, Ann and Hugh Hamilton, 1 April, 1772. Paxtang, Dauphin Co.
Campbell, Ann and Robert Rice, 17 November, 1785. Lancaster.
Campbell, Anna R. and Walter S. Stevenson, 4 April. 1871, Philadelphia.
Campbell, Anne and James Atkinson, 18 November, 1760, Lebanon.
Campbell, Anne and John Thornton, 25 October, 1796. Philadelphia.
Campbell, Anthony and Mary Stewart, 12 June, 1799, Philadelphia.
Campbell, Archibald and Mary Brethed, 27 February, 1746, Philadelphia.
Campbell. Archibald and Elizabeth Burke, 16 November, 1792, Carlisle.
Campbell, Arthur and Eleanor Hurley. 14 April. 1771 Philadelphia.
Campbell, Barney and Mary Butler, 12 June, 1767 Philadelphia.
Campbell, Catherine and Thomas Hicks, 6 February. 1724 Philadelphia.
Campbell, Catharine, widow, and Richard Johnson October, 1765, Philadelphia.
Cammel. Catherine and John Preston, 30 August, Philadelphia.
Campbell, Catherine and Evan Whale, 15 March, Philadelphia.
Campbell, Catherine and Neser Swain, 20 October, Philadelphia.
Campbell, Catherine and Lewis Rockefeller, 25 Nov. 1845, Northumberland Co.

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